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May 2018 Dividend Report

And we’re in June! Is it just me or is this year going faster and faster by the minute? I’m still really excited with my personal record of last month and the fact that I could do an extra-large buy adding even more fuel to my FIRE 🙂

So ladies and gentleman of the jury, I present you my May results! No less then 6 different companies payed me last month:

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
01/05/2018 GIS 10 3,46
01/05/2018 T 31 7,45
15/05/2018 OHI 13 6,15
16/05/2018 HRL 10 1,35
16/05/2018 O 23 3,62
16/05/2018 PG 8 4,11

Yes my preciousssssss………another personal record (two times in a row)!

<*> insert happy dance here</*>

My year to date graph looks like this:


This brings me that much closer to my 2018 goal:


Still on track for the 2018 goals!

Total dividend YTD: €92,54
Total dividend received ever: €181,33

And now….the big moment, my third YoY-comparison!

May 2017: €12,23
May 2018: €26,14

Thats another amazing increase of 113,74% compared to last year! 

How about you my dear readers / fellow bloggers, how was your May?

42 thoughts on “May 2018 Dividend Report

    1. Thanks Life!

      A shame you missed those but in the end it doesn’t really matter. You got in at the right price at almost the right time. 🙂


  1. Nice clean, simple recap, Mr. Robot; I like it.

    May was a “quiet” month for us in terms of dividends / passive income. We just posted our recap.

    On your respective post, I also like the year-over-year (YoY) comparison – that certainly puts things into perspective in terms of progress. Thanks again for the post and congrats on a good month. – Mike

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    1. Thanks for the compliments Mike, appreciate it! I love the comparisons but enjoy tallying up the totals as well.

      I’m checking out your results when I finish this comment 😉


  2. It’s not just you Mr. Robot, the time just flys by. It seems too that the older you get, the faster it goes. The only upside is the dividends roll in faster as well. Agree with Mike above, nice clean and easy to follow report. Looking forward to your next monthly purchase. Tom

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    1. Thanks for the compliment Tom!

      Thanks to my holiday allowance I can actually do another large buy. So I’ve decided to do two purchases. One I made yesterday and finally it’s an utility 🙂 the other one still doubting actually.

      There seems to be a lot of value at the moment.


    1. Thanks Jordan! Its unfortunate but deserved due to their abysmal performances. In 2010 we had our best shot!

      In any case I’m rooting for Belgium now! 🙂


      1. I was there in 2010 🙂
        Went to their first 5 games (all wins). Unfortunately I didn’t have a ticket to the Semi FInal, so I had to fly home and watch it on TV. Was an amazing trip, and a bucket list item for sure (going to a world cup with my dad).

        I actually wrote on of my very first blog posts about that trip:


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      1. Well, our last name (and my grandfather) were Dutch. My father was a really good football player here in Canada – and even coached me until I was about 15 or 16.
        Canada is a great country – but Football is not one of our best qualities…so from a very young age, I was converted to a Dutch fan. Dennis Bergkamp is the sold reason I have been an arsenal fan for years…

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  3. Man I love this report. A lot of great news and you definitely deserve your happy dance haha You’re dividend income chart, and the large growth displayed, just tells the full picture and can’t help but bring a smile to my face. Keep up the great work.


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  4. Congrats on another dividend record, Mr. Robot. Records are becoming commonplace for you…. nice work. I see a familiar group of companies paying you in May, as I own 4 of the 6. Your dividend chart is showing the YoY progress that we all dream of.

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    1. I think the streak will be broken in June but we’ll see. The growth streak is relatively easy the first year when making yoy comparisons. I’ll can only hope (and work my ass off) to do it again next year.


  5. Hi Mr Robot,
    Congrats on a new record! I did the same in May but you already visited my report 🙂 It’s nice to follow somebody who is at a similar stage of FI journey 🙂

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    1. It’s the same here BI. It sometimes daunting (but inspiring!) to see other with $1400+ amounts in a month. That’s like 3 times my yearly at the moment!


  6. You gotta love seeing milestones being broken a few months in a row. That is awesome! And over 100% growth from last year so far. Hope we can see that growth gap get even bigger in the coming months. Keep it up!

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    1. I’ll do my utmost best to keep these figures up. Until December I’m definitely expecting these kinds of growth numbers. Which makes sense since this is the first year to do comparisons. Next year however… 🙂


  7. Thanks for sharing your dividend income numbers, Mr. Robot! That’s a nice yoy growth percentage. I’m excited because I’ll be able to share my yoy numbers starting in June. As for my dividend income, I earned $15.19 in May. You beat me this month. Keep up the great work!

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    1. Hi Brent, thanks and welcome to the blog! I use good old excel (2016) for the results. They have some nice graphical templates you can use. Great to see we share a lot of companies!


  8. You have to love making new records. It’s always a nice milestone to achieve. Nice to see we share a handful of common name paying us in May and yes, the year is flying by. Just goes to show that time is fleeting so make the most of it and stay invested.

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  9. Great results Mr. Robot! We share three common stocks from this list, and I will soon be adding two of the other three as well. Keep up the great work as that chart showing the increasing divs YoY and on a monthly basis too is fantastic!

    Also, count me as another one that likes your charts! I think I need to add an overall div tracker towards my goal like you have. Need to look at Google Sheets and see what charts they have.

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