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April 2018 Dividend Report

Can you believe it? Another month has passed and it is already time for my new dividend report. It’s also the second time I’m able to report a YoY-comparison so I’m also pretty curious to see if I can top the previous month growth numbers which were a staggering 891,9%. (statistically impossible but who knows?!?)

My total for April 2017 was: €11,23. A pretty high number for my second ever dividends received but that is due to the dutch Ahold Delhaize stock which pays out annuallyin April.

Without further delay, here are the nitty gritty details:

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
13/04/2018 HASI 15 3.41
13/04/2018 O 23 3.74
16/04/2018 CAH 5 1.58
25/04/2018 CSCO 10 2.30
26/04/2018 AMS:AH 18 9.67

Yes! A total of €20,70 (after taxes) of free money was deposited into my account. The highest dividend I have ever received. This covers my internet / tv / telephone bill for about two thirds!

My year to date graph looks like this:


This brings me that much closer to my 2018 goal:


Still on track for the 2018 goals!

Total dividend YTD: €66,40
Total dividend received ever: €155,19

And now….the big moment, my second YoY-comparison!

April 2017: €11,23
April 2018: €20,70

A whopping 84,3% increase compared to last year! That just awesome!

How about you my dear readers / fellow bloggers, how was your April?

33 thoughts on “April 2018 Dividend Report

  1. Im more and more thinking about posting monthly dividend income reports as well 🙂 April was good for us as well as my Baltic companies paid their annual dividends 🙂 I think I will post that in the evening.

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  2. Nice job YOY. You are the man Mr. Robot. Lot’s of good dividend stock yields popping up in the market these days. Keep up with your monthly purchases. Looking forward to what’s up your sleeve in May. Have a great weekend my friend. Tom

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Tom, thanks a lot for the comments, means a lot! I’ve already made my purchases for May. I added not one, not two but three stocks! 🙂 The blogpost will come in a few days. You have a great weekend too!


    1. Hey Frankie, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I really appreciate it!

      If only I could keep those numbers up! I’m guessing it would require the same growth in capital deployment and that’s gonna be a challenge. 🙂

      The Tron vibe is exactly what I was going for so thanks for the confirmation!


  3. Congrats a record monthly haul, Mr. Robot… many more to come, I’m sure. Keep it up.
    I trust you weren’t too thrilled with that CAH earnings report this past week. I know I wasn’t. They got quite the haircut to their stock price.
    Looking forward to learn about your 3 new purchases. I know 1 of them!

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    1. Thanks ED! Nope wasn’t to thrilled at all, but I’ll continue to hold and see where it leads.

      Hahaha 🙂 I’ll post in a few days. I’m thinking about doing a separate post on my crypto holdings.


  4. Hi Mr. Robot,
    Great month and congrats on a new record! I love your holdings as well – I am sharing some stocks of O & CSCO as well.
    Also, it’s nice to see that you’re on track to reach your goal for the year, great job!

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  5. Nicely done Mr.Robot. I like how you report your after tax dividends. In terms of goals … looks like you are on target 🙂 keep adding more as we go through a volatile phase.

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    1. It’s funny. In my first year it sometimes was hard to decide where to put capital. But at this time the only issue I seem to have is lack of capital! There are great buying opportunities everywhere so it seems.


  6. That is some great progress right there! And I own most of the stocks you mention as well. Glad to be a fellow shareholder on these great businesses, paying us dividends!

    Keep it up, next YoY is gonna be better again!

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