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July 2018 Dividend Report

So after completing my buying spree last month I took some well deserved time off the grid. Well not completely off but far removed 🙂 After being back in the office for a week I really needed to readjust back into the groove. Although I love my job, it hit me again that it would be fantastic to truely be a master of your own time. Oh well, only thing I can do is do my utmost best to create my own future. For myself and for my family.

Cool thing about being a DGI investor is that you get paid for doing nothing! I estimated that I would earn about €1,- a day during my vacation totalling €21,-. Let’s see how well I estimated this.

A total of 8 companies payed me this month:

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
03/07/2018 PPL 23 6.87
03/07/2018 PEP 5 3.37
04/07/2018 KMB 5 3.64
13/07/2018 HASI 15 3.59
16/07/2018 O 23 3.67
17/07/2018 CAH 5 1.73
26/07/20148 CSCO 10 2.4
27/07/2018 DIS 2 1.22

So this means I actually earned about 17,94 during my vacation. Not too shabby! For the sharp observer you can also notice that this €26,49 is my new alltime dividend record!

So this means my progress so far this year is coming along nicely:


And so far so good on my 2018 goals:


Total dividend YTD 2018: €142.
Total dividend received ever: €230,79.

And now….the big moment, my YoY-comparison!

July 2017: €6,55.
July 2018: €26,49.

Thats another amazing increase of 404,43% compared to last year! 

I’ll be off binge-commenting on your blogs now, I would love to hear your thoughts on your month (or mine)?

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June 2018 Dividend Report

And BOOM, it’s july! Summer is really upon us as the temperature keeps rising and vacation time is around the corner. This year its going to be even more awesome when I realise that during my vacation I’ll earn €1,- a day when I’m on my holiday having fun!

Although we’re really looking forward to a well deserved vacation, its not our time yet. So here are the numbers for June. Alas no personal record for me this month (Solid second highest ever though!), but I’m still excited about the growth as you’ll see later in the post.

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
01/06/2018 INTC 8 2.23
01/06/2018 PFE 9 1.74
06/06/2018 UN 10 3.96
08/06/2018 ADM 18 4.34
12/06/2018 IBM 2 2.27
17/06/2018 O 23 3.69
19/06/2018 VFC 6 2.02
21/06/2018 QCOM 6 2.72
€ 22,97

So this means my progress so far this year is coming along nicely:


And so far so good on my 2018 goals:


We crossed the half year mark and I’m ahead of schedule on my 2018 dividend total!

Total dividend YTD 2018: €115,51 (which is almost €30 more then our 2017 total!)
Total dividend received ever: €204,30.

And now….the big moment, my YoY-comparison!

June 2017: 2,72
June 2018: €22,97

Thats another amazing increase of 844,49% compared to last year! 

How about you my dear readers / fellow bloggers, how was your June?

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May 2018 Dividend Report

And we’re in June! Is it just me or is this year going faster and faster by the minute? I’m still really excited with my personal record of last month and the fact that I could do an extra-large buy adding even more fuel to my FIRE 🙂

So ladies and gentleman of the jury, I present you my May results! No less then 6 different companies payed me last month:

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
01/05/2018 GIS 10 3,46
01/05/2018 T 31 7,45
15/05/2018 OHI 13 6,15
16/05/2018 HRL 10 1,35
16/05/2018 O 23 3,62
16/05/2018 PG 8 4,11

Yes my preciousssssss………another personal record (two times in a row)!

<*> insert happy dance here</*>

My year to date graph looks like this:


This brings me that much closer to my 2018 goal:


Still on track for the 2018 goals!

Total dividend YTD: €92,54
Total dividend received ever: €181,33

And now….the big moment, my third YoY-comparison!

May 2017: €12,23
May 2018: €26,14

Thats another amazing increase of 113,74% compared to last year! 

How about you my dear readers / fellow bloggers, how was your May?

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April 2018 Dividend Report

Can you believe it? Another month has passed and it is already time for my new dividend report. It’s also the second time I’m able to report a YoY-comparison so I’m also pretty curious to see if I can top the previous month growth numbers which were a staggering 891,9%. (statistically impossible but who knows?!?)

My total for April 2017 was: €11,23. A pretty high number for my second ever dividends received but that is due to the dutch Ahold Delhaize stock which pays out annuallyin April.

Without further delay, here are the nitty gritty details:

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
13/04/2018 HASI 15 3.41
13/04/2018 O 23 3.74
16/04/2018 CAH 5 1.58
25/04/2018 CSCO 10 2.30
26/04/2018 AMS:AH 18 9.67

Yes! A total of €20,70 (after taxes) of free money was deposited into my account. The highest dividend I have ever received. This covers my internet / tv / telephone bill for about two thirds!

My year to date graph looks like this:


This brings me that much closer to my 2018 goal:


Still on track for the 2018 goals!

Total dividend YTD: €66,40
Total dividend received ever: €155,19

And now….the big moment, my second YoY-comparison!

April 2017: €11,23
April 2018: €20,70

A whopping 84,3% increase compared to last year! That just awesome!

How about you my dear readers / fellow bloggers, how was your April?

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March 2018 Dividend Report

And POOF(!) another month is gone, winter is finally over and spring has sprung (or something like that). Time for one of my favourite things to blog about, my dividend income.

Regular visitors of this blog also know that this post is going to be a special one. It’s the first time I can do a year-over-year comparison with the previous year. My DGI journey started in february last year and I received my first dividend in March.

My total for March 2017 was: €1,98

Let us see how we did in March 2018. A total of 7 companies paid me this month:

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
01/03/2018 INTC 8 1.65
01/03/2018 PFE 9 2.11
12/03/2018 IBM 2 2.05
13/03/2018 ADM 18 4.13
15/03/2018 O 23 3.47
19/03/2018 VFC 6 1.9
21/03/2018 QCOM 6 2.35

Yes! A total of €17,66 (after taxes) of free money was deposited in my account. The third highest dividend I have ever received. 🙂

My year to date graph looks like this:


This brings me that much closer to my 2018 goal:


The first quarter of the year has pased and I’m on 23% of my goal for 2018, so it looks like I’m on the right track!

Total dividend YTD: €45,70
Total dividend received ever: €134,49

And now….the big moment, my YoY-comparison!

March 2017: €1,98
March 2018: €17,66

A whopping 891,9% increase compared to last year!

I knew it was going to be an increase, but never expected it to be this much. As you can understand, I’m pretty happy with my results at the moment!

How about you dear readers, how was your March?

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February 2018 Dividend Report

And BAM, month two is in the pocket! This ofcourse is a short month but it also went by extremely fast or is it just me?

In any case, I am pleased to announce that this was a new dividend record for me! I was payed by 5 different companies this month. Here are the numbers:

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
01/02/2018 AT&T 21 7.13
01/02/2018 GIS 10 3.33
15/02/2018 OHI 13 5.94
15/02/2018 HRL 10 1.28
15/02/2018 O 23 1.49
  € 19.17

A grand total of €19,17 for me this month. A new dividend record in this short year that I started this journey! On the 20th of february 2017 I purchased (dutch post) my first stocks, shares in Ahold. The cool part is that I recieved my first dividends in March 2017, so that means that in my next dividend report I can make my first Year-over-Year comparison, so I’m pretty excited to see (& report) those numbers!

My year to date graph looks like this:


This brings me that much closer to my 2018 goal:


All in all, I’m a very happy camper with my february results. 🙂

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November 2017 Dividend Report

Another month has come and gone and now we are the last month of 2017. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “MAN I LOVE BEING A TURTLE!” Whoops sorry wrong quote!. Bonus points for the one that can give me the movie where its from (you can almost guess it!).

So how did I do this month, well I’m pleased to report that this is my best month ever! The largest dividend haul of my (very) short DGI journey but still I get a real kick out of it.

A total of five companies paid me in November:

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
1/11/2017 NYSE:T 12 4.28
1/11/2017 NYSE:GIS 10 3.56
15/11/2017 NYSE:HRL 10 1.22
15/11/2017 NYSE:OHI 13 6.1
15/11/2017 NYSE:O 5 0.76

So the total amount for this month is €15,92 which is less than previous month total of €6,41. This amount already has been adjusted fo the foreign withholding tax of 15% (not 30% since our country has a tax treaty).

My year to date graph is now looking like this:


With these dividends received I am also inching towards my 2017 goal:


So thats my report for November! How was your month?