DIY Project LED: Complete!

So after starting somewhat over a year ago with cost saving and replacing all the lights in the house with LED counterparts I can finally say that it is done!

Last week we made a final trip to IKEA ( I know 🙂 ) and bought replacements for our hallogeen spots on the ceiling.


So instead of 18 * 40 Watt = 720 Watts when the light go one it is now merely 15 * 6 = 90 Watts. Thats 12,5% of the original wattage.

Since we already brought down the bill to €133,- (from €158) we are expecting another drop in the monthly costs. Unfortunately the real season for our main lights is already over so we most likely we see the decrease next winter.

Did you do any DIY improvements?





This is my buy for April 2017

So a new month, a new deposit in my investing account and a new buy for my portfolio.

After doing some investigating in different stocks and reading (a lot) of my fellow bloggers in the community (thanks guys & gals) I saw a nice dip on General Mills (GIS) heading below $59.


I bought 5 shares @ $58,83 (it unfortunately dipped even lower now but what can you do 🙂 ). So its currently at its lowest point of the past 52 weeks (58.10 – 72.95) with a P/E of slightly above 21. The company has been paying dividends for about 117 years and has been increasing them for over 13 years. With a dividend yield of 3,33% and a payout ratio of 62,5% this seems to be a nice income generator for the coming years.

This buy will add $ 0,48 * 4 * 5 = $ 9,60 minus 15% withholding tax = $ 8,16 -> € 7,66 to my annual dividends total.

So next time I enjoy one of my favourite snack combinations of Bugles & goatcheese (Chavroux) I will be extra satisfied knowing I have supported my own dividend!

So what are you going to buy?


March 2017 dividend update

So this is my first dividend update post! Its actually going to be a very small one since I already spilled the beans in my previous milestone post.

So my march dividends were from (after foreign withholding, before government tax):

Name # shares Amount ($) Amount (€)
VFC 6 $ 2,14 € 1,98

Infinite increase on 2016 since I wasn’t even thinking about investing at that time. 🙂


First dividend received: Milestone!

So I received my first dividend today. My recent buy VFC of 6 shares was right on time for the ex-div date and todat they rewarded me with $ 2,14 / €1,98(after 15% withholding, pre government tax) in free money. A surreal experience after recently starting with this dividend investing endeavour and Im liking it!

Since my goal for this year is to work one less day on the dividends received (equalling about €130,-) I have my first graph:


Very happy indeed, on to the next one!


Recent buy: VFC

I think NYSE:VFC has been on a few DGI bloggers radar lately. I unfortunately missed the real dip at $48.00 per share but still got it (6 shares) for a respectable $52,45 on a 52-week high of $66.91. Thankfully right on time for the ex-dividend date of 8/3/2017.

With a quarterly dividend of $0,42 this should add $10,08 to my yearly total.

My total portfolio now consists of 60 shares spread over 5 different companies:

Name Ticker Shares
Ahold Delhaize AMS:AD 15
Omega Healthcare Investors Inc NYSE:OHI 12
AT & T NYSE:T 12
Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital NYSE:HASI 15
V.F. Corporation NYSE:VFC 6

I personally own a few clothes of the brands in VFC such as The North Face and Kipling so that helped me bond a little more with this stock. OFcourse not a real reason but the same goes for AH. It makes it womewhat more personal (ofcourse this should not influence your buying decisions)

A nice history of dividends & increases (aristocrat), P/E ratio of  18.85, nice yield of 3,19 so whats not to like?

Did you buy any VFC recently?


First buys!

So this is my first post in english. As far as I can see most DGI blogs are in english so I thought I’d do a test change the language for this post to see if that brings in some more readers.

So these are my first buys:

Name Ticker Shares
Ahold Delhaize AMS:AD 15
Omega Healthcare Investors Inc NYSE:OHI 12

I think that HASI might be somewhat more unknown, but the appeal for me is the ‘green’ factor.


DGI voor 2017!

Zo de kogel is door de kerk, ik ga in 2017 starten met DGI. Sterker nog ik heb zojuist mijn eerste aankoop gedaan, 15 shares Ahold via DeGiro. Lekker Nederlands en dicht bij huis dus.

Doelstelling voor 2017: 

Een hoeveelheid aan dividend opbouwen dat gelijk staat aan 1 dag in de maand minder werken. In mijn geval betekent dit dus: €130,-

Ambitieus? Wellicht, maar wel een leuk en meetbaar doel!

ps. Denk je er ook over om te starten via DeGiro? Stuur dan een mailtje, dan geef ik je een referral link. Gebruik deze en dat levert ons allebei 20,- transactietegoed op!