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February 2020 Dividend Report

Another month of 2020 has passed, it’s amazing how fast time went by. It was a month (or actually weeks) of the world and stock market in turmoil due to Corona. Bringing down valuations to levels not seen in quite some time and to be honest more fairly valued.

Besides the valuation, this is also a testing time for a lot of us (fairly) new investors to test our resolve in a (temporary?) declining market. Are you riding out the storm and averaging down on great DGI companies to boost your portfolio or are you selling to capitalize on previous gains? I’ve seen my portfolio tank with €1000 in a day last week. It comforts me to know that I’m not panicking but staying the course, I hope you are too!

Even with all the panic outside, my portfolio brought in a steady stream of dividends:

Ticker Amount (€)
T 24.75
GIS 3.75
CVS 10.75
TXN 7.00
ABBV 27.75
OHI 11.03
PG 4.69
HRL 1.83
O 4.19
SPG 6.46
Total €102.2

It’s awesome to see that from now on the second month of the quarter will (also) always be a €100+ month! I’ve got my new position in SPG to thank for crossing that threshold.

My visuals show more then my words can:


And another month closer to my 2020 goal:


February 2019: €54,68
February 2020: €102,20

A solid 86,9% growth compared to last February. As always my results are converted from their base currency to euro and are post-tax.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the results of this month and ofcourse of your own results. Please let me know in the comments!


These are my buys (9 months edition)

I just checked my own posts and realised I haven’t posted a buy post since May last year! I didn’t realise that so much time has already passed but to make it up to you my dear readers: Here are my buys since last May!

June 2019
ups_logo fdx_logo 3m_logo
4x 3M @ $169.
5x FedEx Corp @ $159,75.
8x United Parcel Serv.B @ $100,25.

July 2019
wba_logoabbvie att_logoibmlogo
17x AT&T Inc @ $33,45
10x Walgreens Boots Alliance @ $54,45
5x IBM @ $139,6
9x AbbVie @ $72,92

August 2019
pru_logo adm_logo pfizer 3m_logocah_logo
15/8: 12x Prudential Financial @ $79,95
15/8: 20x Archer Daniels Midland Co @ $36,6
15/8: 13x Pfizer Inc @ $34,34
15/8: 2x 3M @ $157,32
15/8: 12x Cardinal Health Inc. @ $42,23

September 2019
4x UnitedHealth Group @ $233,66

October + november 2019
3m_logo cvs_logocisco_logo
21/10: 2x 3M @ 165,42
21/10: 8x CVS Health Corporation @ 65,76
21/10: 1x Cisco Systems @ 47,42

December 2019
cisco_logo spg_logoatt_logo
04/12: 7x Cisco Systems @ 44,065
04/12: 4x Simon Property Group @ 149,24
31/12: 1x AT&T Inc @ 39,005
31/12: 9x Cisco Systems @ 47,6

January 2020
07/01: 8x Omega Healthcare Investors @ 42
07/01: 11x AT&T Inc @ 39

February 2020
04/02: 15x Aflac Inc. @ 52,6

There you have it, all my investments up until two weeks ago. My monthly capital has already been deployed for February so my next buy will be in March!

With all these buys my new annual forward income stands at €1281,– (converted from base currency and POST-tax).

Dividend Received · Investing

January 2020 Dividend Report

So I hope everybody had an amazing start of the year! It’s been incredibly busy at work and with Lil’Bot and BabyBot growing like cabbage (translated that from a Dutch saying) we never have a dull (or quiet :)) moment.

Thankfully my portfolio is doing the work for me, so let’s look at last months results. The first month of the quarter is my lowest, followed by the second month and the third one’s the charm as they say.

Ticker Amount (€)
PPL 7.22
IRM 22.56
KMB 3.92
PEP 3.65
HASI 3.84
LEG 9.13
CAH 9.52
O 3.98
CSCO 11.51
FDX 2.47
DIS 1.34
Total €79.14

That is looking mighty fine, but the visuals show my progress in the last three years better than any words could:


And it a nice start towards my 2020 goal of €1500,- in received dividends.


January 2019: €51,25
January 2020: €79,14

A solid 54% growth compared to last January. As always my results are converted from their base currency to euro and are post-tax.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the results of this month and ofcourse of your own results. Please let me know in the comments!

Dividend Received · Investing

December 2019 dividendreport + 2019 year review

I’ve been lagging in regular updates and I’m hoping that 2020 will resolve that (starting February I promise! :)). Without further delay, here are my awesome results for December 2019:

Ticker Amount (€)
INTC 1.93
PFE 11.03
UPS 5.88
IBM 12.40
UN 14.04
ADM 16.02
3M 13.18
WBA 8.72
PRU 12.2
ORI 10.2
O 3.98
ED 4.50
VFC 2.20
UNH 3.28
QCOM 8.99
Total €128.55

A grand total of €128.55 provided me with my second best result since starting this DGI journey. Here are my visuals, next month results will start my fourth year! 🙂


December 2018: €40,78.
December 2019: €128,55.

These results present a growth of about 215%, still going strong with the triple digit growth. Granted, in this stage of accumulation this is fairly easy attained.  As always my results are converted from their base currency to euro and are post-tax.


So what were my goals for 2019?

  1. Receive €650,- in dividends: Nailed it! With a total of €1007,29 I can really say I smashed this one. I need to to set more ambitious goals!
  2. Increase dividend portfolio to €28.500: I almost crossed the €40k mark at the end of 2019. I’ll probably remove such a goal for 2020 as total worth is not what is most important.
  3. Increase forward income to €1000: My current forward income stands at €1230 so made tremendous progress in this department (this is in euros en post-tax). I’ll be sure to make a buy report of my last quarter since I still made my monthly buys. The snow ball is running faster since I’ll average an additional €100 in dividens a month to invest back onto my portfolio.
  4. Write a healthy amout of 40 blogposts: Thats a definite no, I need to up my game providing my wok-life balance allows it..
  5. Spend less time with my phone: I defintely spent less on my phone but I did not hold my self to the 30 minute limit. I need to do better in 2020.
  6. Spend more time with my family: Score! This year was a lot better than the year before even with two kids. We spent lots of days together and I make it a priority above all else (especially work!).
  7. Read 12 self-improvement books: I’ve read a lot again this year, next year I’ll keep track more on which books so I can share them with you.
  8. Exercise 2-3 times a week: I’ll give myself a pass for this one. I think I kept this up the majority of the year except when I was sick a few times. So that’s a pass 🙂

There you have it, lots of succes but also room for improvement, including the goal setting process! My goals for 2020 will be for a future post, so stay tuned.

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October + November 2019 dividend report

I’m sorry my fellow bloggers & readers but time has not been on my side. I have been swamped privately and professionally and I still make a conscious decision to put my family first, work second en blogging third. Which does not mean I do not miss my interaction with you guys and girls. I really miss being active and commenting on your blogs 😦 I hope that in the New Year I can come back to reporting regularly on my progress towards financial freedom as well as supporting you on your own journeys.

My results for October:

Ticker Amount (€)
PPL 7.37
IRM 22.72
KMB 3.99
PEP 3.71
HASI 3.87
LEG 9.2
CAH 9.59
O 4
CSCO 2.66
FDX 2.52
€ 69.63

And my resutls for November:

Ticker Amount (€)
T 19.38
GIS 3.72
CVS 10.68
TXN 6.9
ABBV 24.66
OHI 6.68
PG 4.58
HRL 1.6
O 4
€ 82.20

Still going strong and it shows in my visual report:


As I said in earlier reports I’ve already smashed my yearly goal of €650, so next year I will have to put a much more ambitious target. 🙂

Total dividend 2019: €878,74
Total dividend received ever: €1312,78

As always my results are converted from their base currency to euro and are post-tax. I would love to hear your thoughts on your month (or mine)?

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September 2019 dividend report

I’ll get straight to the point: BEST MONTH EVER!

My results for September 2019:

Ticker Amount (€)
INTC 1.94
PFE 7.52
UPS 5.91
IBM 12.45
UN 14.05
ADM 16.11
3M 8.88
WBA 8.77
PRU 12.28
ORI 61.65
O 3.99
ED 4.53
VFC 1.98
UNH 3.32
QCOM 9.15

BOOM! Just like that my highest dividend received ever! Another milestone reached! My first ever €100+ month ever! At first I though this was solely caused by another first, a special dividend from ORI!) but upon further investigation I found that even without the special dividend I still receive over 100 on quarter endings from now on! How amazingly awesome is that!

Here are the visuals for August:


Would you look at that chart, isn’t it beautiful?

As far as my yearly goal (€650 in total dividends) is concerned, I’ve blown that one out of the water with a full quarter to spare. So I’ll defintely need to work on stretch goals now, let’s maximize that last quarter!

Total dividend 2019: €726,91
Total dividend received ever: €1160,95

And now….the big moment, my YoY-comparison!

September 2018: 35,09
August 2019: €172,53

A whoppin’ 391% increase compared to last year! Granted its a bit skewed due to the special dividend :).

As always my results are converted from their base currency to euro and are post-tax. I would love to hear your thoughts on your month (or mine)?

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August 2019 dividend report

After coming back from vacation I noticed that my body wasn’t quite the same as when the vacation started 🙂 That’s what lots of brie cheese, French bread and Doritos will do to you. So I decided to start biking towards work.

With a 10,50 km bike ride per day I’m now at allmost 130 kilometer in the past three weeks. Measuring about 230 calories burned additionally every day and combining that with my fitness regimen of two and now three times a week I’m starting to lose the additional layers of fat! It’s all about putting in the work and eating the right kind of food together with some decent sleep. Well that last part isn’t really happening with two kids but 2/3 ain’t bad.

All the while my dividends were still rolling in like clockwork 🙂

My results for August 2019:

Ticker Amount (€)
T 19.52
GIS 3.74
CVS 7.64
TXN 5.84
ABBV 24.53
OHI 6.55
PG 4.55
HRL 1.60
O 3.98
AD 4.61

Second highest payout ever received and I am inching towards that €100 euro a month payout! Here are the visuals for August:


I need to start making stretch goals for 2019:


Total dividend 2019: €554,38
Total dividend received ever: €988,42

And now….the big moment, my YoY-comparison!

August 2018: €43,69
August 2019: €82,56

A nice 88,97% increase compared to last year!

As always my results are converted from their base currency to euro and are post-tax. I would love to hear your thoughts on your month (or mine)?