About me


Let’s introduce the guy behind thig blog shall we? I’m a Dutch guy in my mid-thirties using the alias Mr. Robot. Not because of the television show with the same name but because of the fact that I’ve aways loved robots since I was little. (Yes, I am a big Transformers fan!). I live together with my wife and two small kids in a nice house in the southern part of The Netherlands.

By day I’m active in the IT-industry by evening/night I’m aspiring to be a financial ninja with an endgoal of full early retirement at 55. I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, outdoor activitities, gaming (PC and PS3/4 although I have little time for it. Still trying to finish GoW on the PS4) & I love movies (anything but horror) & series (anything but really like SciFi and Fantasy). My head contains thousands of (probably useless) trivia regarding afore mentioned movies & series and you’ll sometimes see me make some movie references in my posts.

Investing has always been somewhat of a mystery to me, but since I started reading blogs and books related to this subject a whole new world has opened up. I love this community and the dedication that shows from all the results posted, very inspirational.

Hopefully I can be one of those blogs that you stumble upon and also get inspired to get your financial situation in order. Thanks for visiting!

7 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hoi Mr. Robot,

    Leuk dat je begonnen bent met DGI! Een kleine stap die zeer veel invloed kan hebben op de lange termijn. Bovendien is verstandig met geld omgaan nooit een overbodige luxe. Zeker tegenwoordig niet.

    Heel veel succes met investeren en vooral veel plezier gedurende de reis!

    Pursuit 2 Freedom


  2. Hoi Mr. Robot,
    Gaaf om nog een blogger te zien die net is begonnen. Ben zeer benieuwd hoe jouw blog zich gaat ontwikkelen, welke aankopen je gaat doen en hoe je leven binnen de financiele wereld šŸ˜‰ van beleggen gaat lopen.

    Zal met interesse je blog volgen.


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