Buys from March 2022 + PADI update

Since I was really late with my dividend report of february I decided to increase the pace and also write up my buys from February and March 2022. Despite the markets reactions to various real world events I made my usual monthly buys and expanded existing postions and opened up a new one!

February 2022:
04 x Stanley Black & Decker @ $160,15.
01 x T Rowe Price Group @ $142,19.

March 2022:
07 x T Rowe Price Group @ $147,83.
03 x Clearway Energy @ $35,96.

As you can see I expanded my positions in TROW with 8 and CWEN with 3 shares. After an interesting article (dutch) by DeKleineKapitalist I did my own research and couldn’t agree more with his analysis. So I initiated my own position in Stanley Black & Decker to boost my position in Industrials.

Dividend increases (that I’m aware of):
Ahold Delhaize = 5,6%
ASR NV = 18,6%
Wolters Kluwer = 15%
3M = 0,7%

With these buys (and the current USD/EU exchange rate) and dividend increases my PADI is now:

A nice increase of 5,95% compared to last month with some dividend increases that packed quite a punch! This concludes my new PADI update, did you find this interesting? Got questions?

What movie is this?

Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Buys from March 2022 + PADI update

  1. With the exception of 3M those were really nice dividend raises.

    Also like the Stanley B&D buy as there is always demand for commercial/industrial tools. Another name I like in that space is Snap-On Inc which doesn’t carry as much debt and has a slightly higher yield.

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    1. Yes, I was pretty happy when I found out! These have an increasingly larger impact on my total forward income!

      Snap-On seems interesting as well, with a 3yr and 10yr average dividend growth of 14%+. I’ll put them on my “to investigate” list, thanks for sharing!


  2. Mooie aankopen inderdaad. Zelf ook TROW en SWK gekocht.

    Zijn toch aandelen die er over 10 jaar nog steeds zijn en ondertussen het dividend jaarlijks verhogen. Je koopt ze echter iets te snel en te gretig in mijn ogen, maar de boot niet willen missen gaan ook gelden 🙂

    kijk ook even naar je kopje van je staatje. Staan een VI teveel. Annual Dividend Income.


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    1. Tsja ach wat is te snel of te gretig? TROW aardig naar beneden kunnen DCAen maar had inderdaad geld gescheelt als ik later was begonnen. Ik koop elke maand na ontvangst salaris, maar ik zou wellicht wat meer tijd in het achterliggende plan kunnen steken voor het koopmoment.

      Plaatje ga ik nog aanpassen, scherp gezien. Dank je!


  3. Nice buys nr Robot, with also good steps in your PADI. Not to put the pressure on, but I would like to read more from you, since it was very inspiring.

    Regarding the movie: Starship Troopers?

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      1. Not specific, but with having only a monthly update, I notice I miss some context on your buys and investment thinking (like handling your mortgage). I think that makes your blog even more interesting.


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