April 2017 dividend update

This is my second ever dividend update and it is exciting! You can read my first update here. I must say, receiving the “free” money in my brokers account is still a strange feeling, but I’m getting use to it. šŸ™‚

So, what companies payed out (after foreign withholding, before government tax):

Date Ticker Shares Amount ($) Amount (ā‚¬)
13/04/2017 NYSE:HASI 15 4.21 3.96
26/04/2017 AMS:AD 15 7.27
Ā Total ā‚¬ 11.23

So thats a total ofĀ ā‚¬ 11.23Ā of passive income this month. It is worth to note that AMS:AD pays a yearly dividend, so unfortunately we will not be seeing more of that this year.


My total for passive income in 2017 now stands at: ā‚¬ 13,21

This means that I am making progress towards my 2017 goal as seen in below graph:


How was your april, did you reel in any nice dividends?

14 thoughts on “April 2017 dividend update

  1. Great job. Just remember going the DGI route is a marathon and not a sprint. Keep buying quality dividend paying stocks, reinvest and don’t get shaken out of the market. You’ll see these monthly updates are the most addicting to write and read.


    1. Thanks for your helpful insights & advice DivHut. I have a “strategy” so that I only allocate a fixed (ā‚¬) amount every month to buy quality dividend stocks. Currently still learning how to value the available stocks so I’m bound to make some mistakes. Trying to diversify in this phase.


  2. Congrats on the new record! I owned HASI for a while but ended up selling it off last year to put the proceeds into something else. However, even though it is still a newer company on the exchange, they are a great dividend payer being a REIT with high yield. They have increased their dividend once since I sold them off. Just hope they can keep that level of growth going forward. Keep growing that portfolio.


    1. Thanks! I must confess that my “green” emotions got the better of me with this purchase. The current payout ratio is not sustainable. But for now I keep them in my portfolio for the nice dividend.


      1. I was thinking the same thing. Love the green energy idea and the stock was booming for a while. Trump took over and changed the game. He seems like he is more toward oil and that type of energy than green. That along with the high payout ratio didn’t seem sustainable to me either, especially if they lose any tax breaks for being green. But they made up for at least half of my dividends in those months when I was collecting on them. Hurt getting rid of it since it pays so nice. I will revisit the stock if things start to change.


  3. Congrats on your increasing dividends! The path is long but it’s really fun to walk. Enjoy seeing the work-free, passive money flow in!


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