2017 review and 2018 goals

Sooooo here is my post about my goals for 2018. But to understand the goals of 2018 we first need to look at my goals of 2017:

  1. Investigate and start with investing (passed): After extensive researching the types of investiging strategies and making a complete switch from ETF to dividend growth investing I purchased my first (dutch & US) stocks in februari of 2017.
  2. Make monthly deposits to be able to purchase stock (passed): After discussing my plans with my wife we decided to start out with €250,- monthly deposits. Fortunatelly I have been able to make larger contributions in a few months to accelerate my portfolio.
  3. Find ways to save on gas usage (passed I guess?): There are two major gas spenders in our household. The first being me and my long showers. For Christmans my wife gave me a small waterproof clock that I could mount in the shower. This shortens my time in the shower. The second being the use of hot water downstairs (awashing off/hands/etc). It takes a long time for the water to travel from the attic to downstairs so this is costly. Last week (ok technically not in 2017) we installed a Quooker that instantly provides hot (boiling) water so it does not use the water from upstairs. Since its costs about 20 Watt on average this is cheaper then gas (in a few years).
  4. Find ways to save on electricity usage (passed): I have redone every light in the house with LED’s. Next to this we implemented various methods for saving on our electricity bill. We received €200,- back and lowered our monthly cost.
  5. Check our insurance policies (passed): Done, we redid our insurances and are now saving over €450,- a year.
  6. Reduce part of our mortgage (passed): On the last day of the year we made a deposit of €7800,- on part of our mortgage. This will save us next year €343,20 in mortgage (tax benefits will lower this amount).
  7. Receive a day salary via dividends €130,- (failed): One of the few goals that I have failed. I was it too ambitious regarding the amount I would receive so I made about 68,3%.
  8. Invest €2.500 (passed): I ended the year with a portfolio worth of €5300,- due to additional buys and a side hustle.
  9. Write at least a blog post once a week (failed): I made a total of 43 posts since starting this blog on the 2d of september 2016.

Well there you have it, I’m pleased about the results I could manage last year.

My new goals for 2018:

  1. Receive €200,- in dividends: Self-eplanatory, I need to step up my game with quality buys to attain this goal. In the previous year my total amount was €88,79,-
  2. Increase dividend portfolio to €10.000: This means my €250,- amount per month will definitely not cut it. I need to renegotiate with my wife about our deposits and side hustle lot more (crypto’s anyone?). I need to add €5700,- of capital (actually somewhat less as I reinvest all my dividends received)
  3. Increase forward income to $450: As my current forward income sits on $210,67 I need to more then double this amount. Fortunately I have two more months this year since I’m starting immediately in January.
  4. Write a blog post once a week: Same one as last year.
  5. Spend less time with my phone: I installed the QualityTime app and it scared the bejesus out of me. Spending more than 3 hours on my phone?!? What the hell was I doing? Well no I know so I can spend time on what really matters.
  6. Spend more time with my family: My family matters, in fact they are the main reason why I do what I do and work hard towards financial independence.
  7. Read 12 self-improvement books: I need to constantly work on myself to improve myself. This means reading a lot (next to relaxing lecture) about ways to improve myself either personally or professionally. I’m currently reading: “The single best investment: Creating wealth by dividend growth” by Lowell Miller.
  8. Exercise 2-3 times a week: Next to keeping my mind sharp I need to keep my body healthy as well. Regular exercise, eating healthy and getting enough sleep are all part of this goal. I will also run at least two obstacle runs this year as well.

So here we are, my second set of goals since starting this blog. I really believe in the power of goal setting, so this will be my guide for the coming year.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this, its actually my longest blogpost ever :).

25 thoughts on “2017 review and 2018 goals

  1. Exelent goals there 🙂 similar family/wife situation here as well 🙂 I have permission for 200€/mo. But if looking at our salary this is quite an amount as we make something around 1600€/mo both. Love the exercise 2-3 week goal. I have running goal of 300km. I was wondering if to include morning exercize/cold shower/meditation that im trying to do each morning but tough to stick to 3 short goals… Now you got me thinking about that 🙂 maybe I will include 4 goal for morning exercize/cold shower/meditation. Have to build a habit.

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    1. Thanks! That’s indeed a large amount relative to your income, good for you! I’m confident that I will be able to increase it after “renegotiating” with my wife ;-). Funny you should mention cold showers. I started that habit August 2017, meaning that I end every shower with a 1 minute cold shower. Freezing, but it’s part of my morning ritual now.


      1. Wow you rock it man. I tried to do it but its so hard to negotiate yourself into it. Its nice to see people who managed to do it 🙂 Hope I will manage it in L/T also.

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  2. Awesome goals for 2018 and congrats on passing most of your goals for 2017. The one good thing about establishing a monthly contribution is that every year you can increase that amount. So the hardest part is getting started which you did last year.

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  3. Great goals!
    I love that you saved so much on insurance last year.

    One of my goals every new year is to go over EVERY bill and try to reduce or eliminate it. It’s strange how many expenses get added on every year that I’m unaware of. I had a Amazon Prime account and a Netflix account that I somehow had been paying for last year! GONE.

    Keep up the good work.

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  4. I love your goals, especially 5 – 8.

    On books, if you have any recommendations or favorites let me know. I recently signed-up with my local library and now have access to their ebook collection on my Kindle, would save me lots of money. So check your local library 🙂

    I just finished reading The Flat World, a very interesting and mind opening book on how technology has and will shape our world and lives. I’m not starting to read the next sequel Thank You For Being Late, from the same author. For fun, I’m also reading Mark Twain’s Journey Through Equator, a great travelogue from the 1800 and gives a detailed picture of how the world looked like back then and how far humans have come.

    Oh and last but not least, Exercise 2-3 times. I exercise twice a day everyday, sometimes even 3 times. Wish I had done this when I was younger. You also have to eat healthy as the exercise itself can only do so much to offset the ill effects of bad eating habits.

    Take care and wish you a very successful and happy 2018, may all your goals come true.

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    1. Thanks a lot! If I have a recommendation I’ll be sure to pass it along. Although I think you are ahead of me in this department. For fun reading I do can recommend Ready Player One from Ernest Cline or Daemon from Daniel Suarez. Both are favourites of mine. 🙂


  5. Looking like some solid goals! I can imagine when paying a mortgage and providing for a family sometimes it can be frustrating to only invest a little bit of money, but it still means you are ahead of a lot of people and a handpicked portfolio of 5k+ is certainly nice! I hope you’ll reach your goal of 10K and your dividend income, I am sure you can do it!
    Oh and nice job on saving some Euro’s on insurance and utilities!


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