These are my buys from Q1 2020

An entire quarter already passed by without a buy post from me, thats pretty bad. But the good news is, life (and a lot of work) got in the way so thats a good thing! 🙂

I’ve opened up four new positions in the last months, so feast thou eyes upon my buy list from Q1 2020!

Date Ticker # Shares Price ($) Total ($)
7-1-2020 OHI 8 42 336
7-1-2020 T 11 39 429
4-2-2020 AFL 15 52,6 789
26-2-2020 AFL 8 48,2 385,6
26-2-2020 PFE 10 34,8 348
27-2-2020 ORI 15 20,92 313,8
27-2-2020 PRU 3 79,95 239,85
12-3-2020 AH 10 19,164 191,64
12-3-2020 ADP 2 129,69 259,38
16-3-2020 MDT 6 77,94 467,64
16-3-2020 ADP 2 128,8 257,6
24-3-2020 JNJ 3 116,7 350,1
24-3-2020 ADP 3 116,78 350,34
24-3-2020 AFL 3 27,03 81,09

I also took advantage of the recent market turmoil to add some more capital then usual to scoop up some additional shares on exisiting positions.

My avid readers will spot the four new companies immediately: AFLAC, ADP, MDT and JNJ! So I added four new dividend aristocrats to my portfolio! Pretty excited about that. 🙂

With all these buys my new annual forward income has risen to €1356,- (euro, post-tax), that means that I’m averaging more then €110,- per month!


16 thoughts on “These are my buys from Q1 2020

  1. Mooie aankopen horen.

    Zelf heb ik ook vandaag AT&T bijgekocht en MDT delen we ook. Alleen heb jij ze lekker goedkoop kunnen inkopen. Ziet er naar uit dat we lekker in een nek aan nek race zitten om het dividend omhoog te pushen 🙂

    Blijf de sneeuwbal in beweging houden topper.

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  2. Those are some outstanding new portfolio companies, Mr. Robot. You secured some great prices with your mid to late March buys. I especially like your ADP purchases.
    Keep adding as you can. Glad to see you are averaging well over 100/mo. in dividend income moving forward.

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