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April 2020 Dividend Report

Yes! Another month working from home has ended and it’s time to tally up our total dividends for the month. I don’t know about you guys and girls but I sure could get back to normal. Even though I still understand and support (most not all) of the decisions made to flatten the curve it has been taking a toll on me. I miss the office life and find the situation sometimes challenging.

I find it extremely difficult to either be 100% commited to my work or 100% committed to my family. It’s all a blur between working and family life and I’m not liking it. Sure it helps that I can decide my own hours but in reality I’m working during the day and evening.

Fortunately I can still count on the dividens pouring in. No dividend cuts so far, but I’m still expecting them (SPG for example).

Ticker Amount (€)
PPL 7.39
IRM 23.36
KMB 4.21
PEP 3.69
HASI 3.96
LEG 9.39
CAH 9.79
O 4.20
CSCO 12.19
FDX 2.53
AH 10.95
MDT 2.23
Total €93.89

Some of you will immediately spot my first dividend from MDT which I’m pretty pleased about even though I’m paying 25% dividend tax instead of 15% on US stocks (since its based in Ireland). My fellow DGI’ers, is this correct or am I doing some math wrong here?

On to the visuals:


Working towards the 2020 goal of €1500 in dividends:


April 2020€62,90
April 2020: €93,89

An awesome 49,2% growth compared to April last year. As always my results are converted from their base currency to euro and are post-tax.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the results of this month and ofcourse on your own results. Please let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “April 2020 Dividend Report

  1. Nice job navigating the dividend cut and suspension minefield, Mr. Robot. Happy to hear nothing so far.
    Impressive YoY growth… nearly 50%! Almost eclipsed 100 Euros, too… Nice progress.
    IRM led your pack of payers by a wide margin this month. Isn’t that a bit unusual for you? I have it in my head that you usually have good balance amongst all your dividend payments. Either way… it’s all income… keep bringing it in! Take care.

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    1. Hi ED, so far so good but I’m counting on some cuts or maybe freezes so we’ll see. You are correct, I usually focus on building relatively equal dividend streams but I have some larger payers like IRM, ABBV and T where I had build up a bigger position then usual before expanding to othe sectors. Wel spotted my friend!

      I have been wanting to tell you that I’ve been unable to comment on your blog. I keep getting that I’m a suspected bot. 😦


      1. Regarding the comment issue… This is the first I’ve heard of any issue so thanks for letting me know. This also happens to me sometimes when I attempt to leave comments on other sites. I’ve found that if I leave out the space between Engineering and Dividends when leaving my name, then I’m no longer a suspected bot. Give that a try.


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