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March 2020 Dividend Report

What a world and market in turmoil, I haven’t seen anything like this before in my life. The Mr. Robot family is currently in the Dutch version of lockdown. So 100% remote work for me and Mrs. Bot and we have Lil’Bot and BabyBot fulltime at home.

I hope all of my readers are currently safe and doing their part into keeping everybody safe including social distancing and personal hygiene. Let’s fight this together!

Although health is more important than everything I could ever write here, this is still a blog about dividend and financial freedom. And to keep things realistic I will not only share my monthly report but also a quick report on the entire portfolio.

I started my investment journey in February 2017 (Dutch) with a buy of 15 shares Ahold. Ever since then my portfolio has only gone up and up (and up!). So much so that I reported a healthy capital gain of about €11k. That is until Corona hit big time, I saw my portfolio drop from +€11k to about -€4k in two weeks time. 

Even though I’m not easily rattled by market fluctuations this made me second guess myself a few times. Was I so wrong in my choice of stocks, will this go even further? Some stocks dropped a little but some stocks (SPG I’m looking at you) dropped $100 a share, those are some scary numbers.

I’m happy to report that my emotional rollercoaster ended fairly quickly as I resigned myself to the whims aof the market and remembered that I’m in it for the long haul and that events are bound to happen. As I’m writing this my portfolio is back at +€2,4k and more importantly my dividends are still coming in (and growing). Hopefully they will stay this way, but realistically cuts are a possibillity (looking at you again SPG).

My report for March 2020:

Ticker Amount (€)
AFL 3.2
ADM 16.32
PFE 11.43
UPS 6.08
IBM 12.19
UN 13.97
3M 13.5
WBA 8.68
PRU 13.36
ORI 13.08
O 4.09
ED 4.64
VFC 2.28
UNH 3.39
QCOM 9.06
Total €137.27

Sharp readers will see that Aflac payed me my first dividend! I will be posting a buy post later this month detailing my recent buys.

Here are the visuals:


Working towards the 2020 goal of €1500 in dividends:


March 2019: €71,45
March 2020: €137,27

An awesome 92,1% growth compared to last March. As always my results are converted from their base currency to euro and are post-tax.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the results of this month and ofcourse on your own results. Please let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “March 2020 Dividend Report

    1. Hi P2035, good to hear that everything is ok! We are in our 4th week (I think!)…still not used to it. I thrive on social contact and thats (understandably) severely lacking.


    2. Hi Mr Robot. Nice moth of dividend and good to hear your family is ok. Here also the 5th week working from home. I am for sure missing the socializing with my friends and colleagues.

      It looks like the markets are somewhat looking ahead of corona. Luckily in the US the dividend cuts seem to be limited.


  1. Terrific growth in that income, Mr. Robot. Your list of dividend payers is getting quite long, too. Nearly half of them paid you double digit dividends.
    It was a record-setting dividend month for me… always enjoy those.
    Glad to hear the family is doing well in these uncertain times. Take care.


  2. Happy to hear that you are staying safe, Mr. Robot! Me and my wife are also working from home, I lost the count but I think it’s 6 weeks already 🙂 We have our little daughter around as well, so it’s sometimes hard to concentrate but it could definitely be worse, so I’m staying positive 🙂
    Great month in terms of dividend income! Hopefully, we won’t see too many cuts.
    Take care!


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