October 2018 dividend report

October has come and gone and we are already halfway through November! We had an exceptionally busy month with family, festivities, activities, buying sprees and a life changing event!

No less then 7 companies payed out their dividends including newcomer IRM. Here are the juicy details:

Ticker Amount (€)
PPL 6.91
KMB 3.70
IRM 8.70
HASI 3.62
O 3.72
CAH 4.89
CSCO 2.45

Ending slightly below last month it is still the third highest month since I started this DGI journey.


As you know, I already achieved my dividend goal for 2018. So everything these last months is just icing on the cake. That doesn’t mean I’m not maximising everything at the moment to finish the year strong (and possibly make my extende goal of €325!).

Total dividend YTD 2018: €254,77
Total dividend received ever: €343,56

And now….the big moment, my YoY-comparison!

October 2017€6,41.
October 2018: €33,99.

Thats another amazing increase of 530,26% compared to last year! 

I’ll be off binge-commenting on your blogs now, I would love to hear your thoughts on your month (or mine)?

21 thoughts on “October 2018 dividend report

    1. Hey Tom, its still relatively easy to hit these high numbers. It will be difficult to maintain them without a lot of new capital. But we’ll see how it progresses….


  1. Great results Mr. R! Think about how the opening month of the quarter, which is generally most people’s slowest month, has been your third highest of the year! That is a great example of how you’re continuing to grow that snowball and getting some great results.

    You’ve got a nice collection this month, and that YoY growth is fantastic! Let’s finish the year strong, and I would love to see you reach that extended goal!

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    1. Thanks for the support DD, it means a lot. November is going to be a big one for me as all my highest payers and my new position in TXN will payout. So that should hopefully put me in a position to make it. 🙂


  2. Always fun seeing growth numbers from portfolios in the first few years of build up. Does give a little motivation and seeing more dividends come in. Nice month and a lot of good names paying you. Keep it up.

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  3. Hi Mr. Robot,
    Very nice month, especially for the first month of the quarter! Amazing progress compared to last year as well 🙂
    Fingers crossed to see you achieve the extended goal for the year!

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    1. I think there are multiple effects at play. My contribution in 2017 was 250,- a month. In 2018 I upped my contribution to €500,- and often was able to get even more then that due to a bonus and tax returns. So there is no big secret except throwing more money in the market, especially compared to last year.


  4. Outstanding work, Mr. Robot. That new IRM dividend provided a nice percentage of this month’s total. Sounds like you’ll have another newcomer next month in TXN.
    I continue to be impressed with your YoY growth. Here’s hoping you can keep up those triple digit growth numbers for many months to come.

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    1. Hey Mike, I’ve definitely considered it but at the moment capital is somewhat limited. December is coming our way which means extra expenditure with no less then 5 holidays/birthdays coming up 🙂


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