These are my buys for October 2018

Short and sweet post for you all. As you know my life got turned upside down again (in a good way) last month. As a result I have somewhat less time available (understatement!) for my posts. Nevertheless the market was volatile this month and I decided to allocate some additional capital to take advantage of the recent dips.

I went on somewhat of a buying spree which resulted in the following:

Texas Instruments Logo

10/10/2018: 6 shares of Texas Instruments @ $100,90.
25/10/2018: 4 shares of Texas Instruments @ $91,60 ($9 dollars cheaper in a week!).

25/10/2018: 3 shares of AbbVie @ $80,50.

26/10/2018: 18 shares of Iron Mountain @ $30,56.

This massive buying spree added a nice boost to my forward income:

TXN: $26,18 (post-tax)
$9,79 (post-tax)
$37,39 (post-tax)

So a grand total of $73,36 was added to my forward income bringing the new total to whopping 550,29 (post-tax, depending on the dollar/euro). I crossed the €500 mark and am already halfway to €600!

I just realised that, since my monthly capital to deploy is €500,-, in the next 12 months I will be able to do an additional months worth of capital deployment! How awesome is this my dear readers?

25 thoughts on “These are my buys for October 2018

  1. Impresive investments! You have outinvested me as my annual dividend income is 430€ 🙂 I’ve calculated that you invested ~2k$ this month. I bought SO this month. Funny thing SO price did not declined with the market. Yee its better buyibg oppurtunity right now. If FED will continue to raise the rates I think we will see share price decline further just like it was in 2007-2008 prior to financial crisis hit in end of 2008. Then FED also raised intetest rates which lead to natural migration of capital from shares to deposits. If you can get 4% from bank deposit why would you invest in JNJ with 2% or so yield.

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    1. It’s no race P2035, in sure you will catch up to me in the future! 🙂

      I invested about €1500, so your calculations are about right. It would be interesting to see what the rising rates do to the stock market.


  2. I’ve left this comment on several blogs and will leave it here cuz it seems like a recurring theme. The drop in ABBV’s stock price coupled with yet another dividend increase announcement is making it look like a buy, buy, buy to me. Have a great weekend Mr. R. Tom

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    1. I’m glad to share IRM with you Mr. Groeigeld and welcome to the blog!

      I dont have a fixed yield I target but try to have the total package when evaluating stocks. I think the average yield of my portfolio is about 3,9%.


  3. Congrats on the purchases. It’s really important to have capital laying around to be able to take advantage of price declines and other opportunities when they arise. I fully support the ABBV purchase. I wish I had capital to do the same.

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  4. Very nice purchases Mr. Robot, and I’m a fellow shareholder on ABBV and IRM. Congratulations on surpassing the 500 threshold in annual dividend income, and already being more than half way to 600! Love that perspective of essentially getting a full extra month of contributions, keep up the great work!

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    1. I think your own perspective has so much influence! I also could have said that it’s not even half my mortgage payment for 1 month but I want to focus more and more on the positive side of things. Thankfully you can consciously choose your perspective.

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      1. Most definitely, and I agree with you about making the conscious choice to focus on the positive. Sometimes I need to remind myself of that as for some reason I think we default to the negative far too often. Thanks for the reminder!


  5. Congratulations Mr Robot. Those are some serious purchases. It gives a nice boost to your dividend income.

    I don’t have any of these companies in my portfolio, but ABBV in particular seems interesting.

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  6. Outstanding purchases, Mr. Robot. I joined you in adding to my TXN and ABBV positions.
    I think we’ll be quite happy with these down the road.
    That’s an impressive boost to your forward dividend income… over 15% based on this shopping spree alone. That’s the way to do it!

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    1. Thanks ED! I was fortunate enough to be able to increase my capital allotment. I’m not sure I’ll be able to make another purchase in November though, but I sure took advantage of the dip! 🙂


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