September 2017 Dividend Report

August has come and gone and its already time for my dividend report for September! I read it a lot on other blogs and I am experiencing it as well, time really flies by this year.

A total of five companies paid me in september:

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
01/09/2017 NYSE:PFE 9 2.06
01/09/2017 NYSE:INTEL 8 1.55
15/09/2017 NYSE:O 5 0.75
18/09/2017 NYSE:VFC 6 1.76
20/9/2017 NASDAQ:QCOM 6 2.44

So the total amount for this month is €8,56 which is less than previous month total of €12,26. This amount already has been adjusted fo the foreign withholding tax of 15% (not 30% since our country has a tax treaty).

My year to date graph is now looking like this:


With these dividends received I am also inching towards my 2017 goal:


Inspired by Divicents I like to list what I can buy for my received dividends:

So for my €8,56 I can for instance buy the book: The Circle by David Eggers for a total of €7,99 and have €0,57 left to buy some fruit at the local grocery. 🙂

So how was your September month?

16 thoughts on “September 2017 Dividend Report

  1. Great job on getting much more income than in June (the 3rd month of the quarter)! We can clearly see from the graph that you are going in the right direction!
    I am also at the beginning of my journey and my income was even lower than yours but we have to start somewhere! 🙂
    Keep on going!

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  2. You know that €8 is about your average this year – using rough data from the chart. So September was an above average month for you!

    I’m just starting my dividend journey, at least in recording it, but I managed to pull in $110.15 in September. Not so bad!

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  3. Nice looking group of stocks paying you Mr. Robot. O is one of my long time favorites….”the monthly dividend company” they call themselves. Congrats and good luck. Tom


  4. Looks like a solid September. I only recently found out about the foreign withholding tax for American stocks so I’m looking forward to my enhanced returns moving forward!

    Keep it up 😉


      1. Yes, we have the same setup.

        What country are you in? your ‘About me’ page doesn’t show in English for me, it looks dutch?


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