August 2017 Dividend Report

As promised here is my dividend report for August. I am pleased to annouce that it is my best month yet!

So the dividends of this month came from four different companies:

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
01/08/2017 NYSE:T 12 4.21
01/08/2017 NYSE:GIS 5 1.75
15/08/2017 NYSE:OHI 12 5.54
15/08/2017 NYSE:O 5 0.76

So the total amount for this month is €12,26 which is more than previous month total of €6,55. This amount already has been adjusted fo the foreign withholding tax of 15% (not 30% since our country has a tax treaty).

My year to date graph is now looking like this:


With these dividends received I am also inching towards my 2017 goal:


It looks like I am at the 1/3 mark of my 2017 goal, nice!

A great and fun thing I saw on another DGI blog (sorry I don’t remember at the moment which but if one of my readers does, please let me know so I can edit this entry for proper credit) is to show something that can be purchased with your received dividends.

So for my €12,26 I can for instance buy the ebook: The 10-Minute Millionaire for a total of €11,49 and have €0,77 left to buy some fruit at the local grocery. 🙂

So how was your August month?


24 thoughts on “August 2017 Dividend Report

  1. Mr Robot,
    Congrats on a new record!
    My August was very similar to yours (unfortunately, I have to pay 30% tax with my broker).
    Let’s keep the snowball rolling!

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  2. Congratulations on your best month so far :). Keep the snowball rolling, and you’ll see a new record time after time after time. Do you think you’re going to make it to the €130 goal for this year? Only 4 months left in the year.

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  3. Congrats on your best month ever. I really do like how you present the data. I decided to add GIS to my portfolio but I won’t be able to purchase it until next week, so I missed out on last months dividends. Both T and O paid me too. Feels good doesn’t it to know that you’re just going on about life and are raking in these dividends!

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  4. Congrats on the record month! I also share 3/4 companies being T, GIS, and O. Nice seeing them pay out for others as well. Keep that snowball rolling. Pretty soon it will be funny to look back on this as a record with what your compounding makes you in the future.


  5. We share 3 of the companies, T, O, and GIS. All of which are riped to buy more. T is pretty attractive right now which its high yields. Now you can buy fruits, maybe this time next year you can buy fruits and steaks! LOL 🙂

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