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November 2020 Dividend Report

It’s finally December! The final month of the year and what a year it has been. Nobody could’ve guessed that we would head into a global pandemic with a big impact on not only people but also the markets in general. Before we had into more holidays here in The Netherlands I can share my November dividend report with you! 🙂

Here are my results:

TickerAmount (€)

No less than 10 companies (which is actually the least amount of all my months) payed me a dividend tallying up to €116,78. Nicely crossing the €100 threshold in the second month of the quarter.

Änd the visuals:

And working towards my 2020 goal of €1500 in dividends received:

So we’re finished with month #11 and I’m at 83% of my goal for 2020. I’m still behind schedule and I can conclude that based on my previous quarter ending results I will not be making my goal this year. Let’s see how close I can get!

November 2019€82,20
November 2020: €116,78
Total dividend ever: €2686,91

A stellar increase of 42,07% compared to last year. The progress is still very real even though this is already my fourth year as a dividend growth investor since starting back in March of 2017 (with a monthly total of €1,98).

As always my results are converted from their base currency to euro and are post-tax.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the results of this month and ofcourse on your own results. Please let me know in the comments!

22 thoughts on “November 2020 Dividend Report

  1. Nice, congrats on a 100€ mark. Also 1200€ dividends in 11mo looks wonderfull. Got dividends from T, GIS and PG myself. Have my eye on O and ABBV as well. UN looks like a buy as well as I need to increase my EU holdings and UN looks like a good buy

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    1. Thanks P2035! In a fan of Unilever and use a lot of there products. Their dividend streak is also nice and one of the few European aristocrats with quarterly payments.


  2. Nice YoY increase and total for the year, Mr. Robot! Your dividend totals are slowly piling up as well. I also received a dividend from $T last month. Keep up the great work.

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  3. Congrats on crossing €100 again! Great progress compared to last year.
    It seems that you set a really nice goal which was ambitious enough. I guess you will come pretty close to it once you calculate the numbers for December.
    Take care!

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    1. It’s all about consistency, I’d hoped to make even more progress but couldn’t do additional investing as we bought our land. Still very happy with the progress anyway.


    1. Thanks DP. En die ene maand komt puur door een special dividend van ORI vorig jaar. We blijven lekker doorgaan. Wist je trouwens dat ik niet meer op je site kan komen? Hij geeft foutmeldingen omtrent je certificaat? Via Chrome tenminste, ik heb het niet in een andere browser geprobeerd.

      Thanks DP! I intend to keep it up next year 🙂


      1. Mmmmm zelf heb ik er geen last van.

        Maar je kunt me ook via Instagram volgen ( naam is dividendbelegger) 😉.

        Mooi podium om ook afwegingen/aankopen te delen en te bespreken.

        Ik zie je graag een keer langskomen👍


  4. Love your blog Mr. Robot! Congrats on reaching that 100€ milestone! Your consistent investments pay off as time goes on. That 42% increase is insane growth – Keep up the great work!

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  5. Love seeing another triple-digit dividend month for you, Mr. Robot. Your portfolio is in good shape and cranking out the dividends. Can’t wait to see what your portfolio churns out in December.
    I came up short on my income goals for the year, but not by too much. It will just be that much easier for us to post YoY gains in 2021! Happy New Year!

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