These are my buys (9 months edition)

I just checked my own posts and realised I haven’t posted a buy post since May last year! I didn’t realise that so much time has already passed but to make it up to you my dear readers: Here are my buys since last May!

June 2019
ups_logo fdx_logo 3m_logo
4x 3M @ $169.
5x FedEx Corp @ $159,75.
8x United Parcel Serv.B @ $100,25.

July 2019
wba_logoabbvie att_logoibmlogo
17x AT&T Inc @ $33,45
10x Walgreens Boots Alliance @ $54,45
5x IBM @ $139,6
9x AbbVie @ $72,92

August 2019
pru_logo adm_logo pfizer 3m_logocah_logo
15/8: 12x Prudential Financial @ $79,95
15/8: 20x Archer Daniels Midland Co @ $36,6
15/8: 13x Pfizer Inc @ $34,34
15/8: 2x 3M @ $157,32
15/8: 12x Cardinal Health Inc. @ $42,23

September 2019
4x UnitedHealth Group @ $233,66

October + november 2019
3m_logo cvs_logocisco_logo
21/10: 2x 3M @ 165,42
21/10: 8x CVS Health Corporation @ 65,76
21/10: 1x Cisco Systems @ 47,42

December 2019
cisco_logo spg_logoatt_logo
04/12: 7x Cisco Systems @ 44,065
04/12: 4x Simon Property Group @ 149,24
31/12: 1x AT&T Inc @ 39,005
31/12: 9x Cisco Systems @ 47,6

January 2020
07/01: 8x Omega Healthcare Investors @ 42
07/01: 11x AT&T Inc @ 39

February 2020
04/02: 15x Aflac Inc. @ 52,6

There you have it, all my investments up until two weeks ago. My monthly capital has already been deployed for February so my next buy will be in March!

With all these buys my new annual forward income stands at €1281,– (converted from base currency and POST-tax).

11 thoughts on “These are my buys (9 months edition)

    1. Well if I look into my report from May I saw that my forward income then was €822,27.

      So it grew with about €458,73 in about 9 months which offers a promising perspective for the coming year.


  1. Je loopt uit ten opzichte van mijn jaarlijks dividend. Ik gun je deze voorsprong, maar bloemen krijg je pas bij de finish. Ga zo door!

    Zijn mooie aankopen die jouw portfolio robuuster maken en top dat je weer een berichtje plaatst.

    Mooiste aankoop vind ik United Healthgroup, net als ALB bedrijven met een lage payout ratio maar wel een hoge dividendgroei. Dit zijn de dividendgroeiers die we willen hebben op de lange termijn. Een verborgen pareltje wat hier ook bij past is CE. Niet doorvertellen, maar bij een lagere koers wil ik deze ook in portefeuille nemen.


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    1. Ik hoop dat we samen op de finish uitkomen DB! 🙂

      UNH is wel een bijzondere, ook als ik kijk naar capital appreciation.Thanks voor de CE suggestie ik ga er naar kijken!


    1. I have been fortunate to have my wife on board so when extra’s come along during the year (work bonus, vacation money or tax money) I can sometimes beef up my monthly purchases.


  2. Hi, I also have a finger on buy button for CSCO and MMM, but for now sticking to my old strategy – sit on cash and wait for major correction. Done mistake with MO and oil companies, dont want to do it again 😀 Happy to be invested big in T with average purchase price of 35$ 🙂

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    1. I haven’t changed my strategy. So I’m still buying on a monthly basis and saving / paing off mortgage. When there is a correction I’ll most likely shift my balance towards more aggresive investing.


  3. Nice to see that you added the corresponding logo’s from the companies you bought, cool way to make your purchases visible this way.

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