These are my buys for January 2019

So it’s already February! Last month went by so fast, its not even funny. This could be the sleep deprivation talking (a young baby will do that to you) but an entire month went by in the blink of an eye.

January was an interesting month as I had additional capital to spend due to a raise and a bonus from work. Both have been fully deployed into my stock portfolio.

As I have mentioned a few times on my blog (and on your blogs too) I lack(ed) exposure to the financial sector. So I decided to remedy that situation with the following purchases.


On 2/1/2019 I purchased 4 shares Prudential Financial @ $82,75.


On 2/1/2019 I purchased 20 shares Old Republic International @ $20,02.

On 22/1/2019 I purchased 30 shares Old Republic International @ $20,75.

On 24/1/2019 I purchased 17 shares Old Republic International @ $20,02.

And to top it all of, a non-financial buy to expand my existing position in this consumer staples giant:


And to top it all off I also purchased 14 shares of Unilever @ €45,73

It is a lot of fun when I’m able to deploy this much capital, I wish I could to this every month! 🙂 I’m really happy with expanding my portfolio with two new companies in a new  sector together with bolstering my Unilever position.

This brings my new forward annual income to a total of €654,-

How amazing is that?!?

12 thoughts on “These are my buys for January 2019

  1. Hey Mr. Robot,
    I can see that you had a productive month. I don’t own any of the above companies but Prudential was one of my considerations when I was considering what to choose from Financials. I decided to go with Blackrock then.
    I would love to own Unilever, as I see their products everywhere.
    Old Republic is a new name to me, though.
    Congrats on increasing your dividend income by so much!

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  2. Very nice purchases, you really started the year with a bang! Also congratulation on your raise.

    Unilever has been on my watchlist for years, but it always looks a bit expensive. I guess you have to pay a small premium for quality stocks like UL.

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    1. Thanks Deluge, it’s always fun to deploy extra capital 🙂

      Its always a bit expensive, I wish I had bought a lot before the whole KHC potential take over. They were around €35 back then. Oh well…

      I dont mind paying a premium for them, they also help balance my portfolio from US stocks.


  3. Wow, you were busy with the purchases Mr. Robot! Nice to see, and PRU just announced an 11.1% dividend raise as well, so those shares will be getting a little bigger payout too!

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  4. Those are all some solid buys. I always love seeing the buying continue even when the markets are crazy. Just keep adding to that dividend cash flow. ORI is a name I have on my watch list forever. I would like to buy that one day but not just yet. In all you added some nice forward income!

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