This is my buy for April 2018 (PG)

Yes, its time for me to share my buy of the month again! As I’m still DUKing out (see what I did there) what utilities to invest in I saw a nice dip on another aristocrat with brands my family uses daily. Yes you guessed it (I hope), in initiated a position in Proctor & Gamble!

I bought 8 shares @ $78!pg_logo

  Proctor & Gamble
P/E (<20) 20,85
Yield (>2%) 3,68%
Payout Ratio (<75%) 72,83%
Increases (>= 5 year) Aristocrat: 61 years (!) of dividend increases
5-year DGR (>5%) 4,90%
EPS (>0) 2,87
Valuation (<=10% > 52wk low) $74.2 = 52-wk low => 5,12% > 52-wk low

These 8 shares provide me with an additional income of (8 x 4 x 0.7172) – 15% = $19,51 and brings the new total towards $277,59 + $19,51  = $297,10

The $300 mark is within my grasp! 🙂

8 thoughts on “This is my buy for April 2018 (PG)

  1. Nice buy. I bought PG earlier at 82$ and now it would be nice to add up more with lower price. Sadly no new capital for now 😦 But a good buy, a very good buy in deed 🙂

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  2. Mr. Robot. How are ya, sir? Long time holder of P&G here. It’s a full size position, so I do not plan to add anytime soon. That said, I added to a small position I have in Kimberly Clark (KMB) yesterday. I was holding out for 4% yield. It dropped yesterday and yielded 3.9% so I snagged some. Tom

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  3. Hey, Mr. Robot! PG is certainly looking more interesting as it continues to fall. It may appear that your purchase was a tad early considering PG’s drop just a few days later, but I suspect it won’t matter in the long run.
    While I could see adding to my PG holdings, I’m more inclined to add to my PEP position if we stay in the consumer staples sector.
    In any event, keep those purchases, and the dividends, coming!

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