January 2018 Dividend Report

Aaaaand it’s gone! The first month of the year has officially ended and 2018 is in full swing. Time went by so fast that I even lagged in my blog posting since I didn’t report my previous buy of 5 shares of Realty Income (O) @ $55 (and it dipped a whole lot lower as usual) and 8 shares of Archer Daniel Midlands (ADM) @ $40.

These two buys increased my forward income by:

Realty Income: (5 x 12 x 0.219) – 15% = $11,17
Archer Daniel Midlands: (8 x 4 x 0,32) – 15% = $8,70

So my new forward income (after my increases in January) is $212,54 + $19.87 = $232,41!

A mini-blog post inside my blogpost inception-style! 🙂

So a total of 5 companies payed me in January:

Ticker Shares Amount (€)
DIS 2 1.17
HASI 15 3.45
O 5 0.73
CAH 5 1.59
CSCO 10 1.98
€ 8.92

My year to date graph:


My goal 2018 graph:


Not my best haul ever, but a good start of 2018! How was your month?

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Dividend increases January 2018 (INTC, OHI, O)

So the first month of 2018 is almost finished and already I have recieved three (!) dividend increases:


Intel (INTC) declares $0.30/share quarterly dividend, 10.1% increase from prior dividend of $0.27. Forward yield 2.65% Payable March 1; for shareholders of record Feb. 7; ex-div Feb. 6.

Which adds additional income of (8 x 4 x 0,03) – 15% = $0,816


Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) declares $0.66/share quarterly dividend, 1.5% increase from prior dividend of $0.65. Forward yield 10.11% Payable Feb. 15; for shareholders of record Jan. 31; ex-div Jan. 30.

Which adds additional income of (13 x 4 x 0,01) – 15% = $0,442


Realty Income (O) declares $0.219/share monthly dividend, 3.1% increase from prior dividend of $0.2125. Forward yield 4.96% Payable Feb. 15; for shareholders of record Feb. 1; ex-div Jan. 31.

Which adds additional income of (10 x 11 x 0,0065) – 15% = $0,60775

Which brings my new forward income to $210,67 + $1,86575 = $212,54 without lifting a finger! Loving this DGI journey!


2017 review and 2018 goals

Sooooo here is my post about my goals for 2018. But to understand the goals of 2018 we first need to look at my goals of 2017:

  1. Investigate and start with investing (passed): After extensive researching the types of investiging strategies and making a complete switch from ETF to dividend growth investing I purchased my first (dutch & US) stocks in februari of 2017.
  2. Make monthly deposits to be able to purchase stock (passed): After discussing my plans with my wife we decided to start out with €250,- monthly deposits. Fortunatelly I have been able to make larger contributions in a few months to accelerate my portfolio.
  3. Find ways to save on gas usage (passed I guess?): There are two major gas spenders in our household. The first being me and my long showers. For Christmans my wife gave me a small waterproof clock that I could mount in the shower. This shortens my time in the shower. The second being the use of hot water downstairs (awashing off/hands/etc). It takes a long time for the water to travel from the attic to downstairs so this is costly. Last week (ok technically not in 2017) we installed a Quooker that instantly provides hot (boiling) water so it does not use the water from upstairs. Since its costs about 20 Watt on average this is cheaper then gas (in a few years).
  4. Find ways to save on electricity usage (passed): I have redone every light in the house with LED’s. Next to this we implemented various methods for saving on our electricity bill. We received €200,- back and lowered our monthly cost.
  5. Check our insurance policies (passed): Done, we redid our insurances and are now saving over €450,- a year.
  6. Reduce part of our mortgage (passed): On the last day of the year we made a deposit of €7800,- on part of our mortgage. This will save us next year €343,20 in mortgage (tax benefits will lower this amount).
  7. Receive a day salary via dividends €130,- (failed): One of the few goals that I have failed. I was it too ambitious regarding the amount I would receive so I made about 68,3%.
  8. Invest €2.500 (passed): I ended the year with a portfolio worth of €5300,- due to additional buys and a side hustle.
  9. Write at least a blog post once a week (failed): I made a total of 43 posts since starting this blog on the 2d of september 2016.

Well there you have it, I’m pleased about the results I could manage last year.

My new goals for 2018:

  1. Receive €200,- in dividends: Self-eplanatory, I need to step up my game with quality buys to attain this goal. In the previous year my total amount was €88,79,-
  2. Increase dividend portfolio to €10.000: This means my €250,- amount per month will definitely not cut it. I need to renegotiate with my wife about our deposits and side hustle lot more (crypto’s anyone?). I need to add €5700,- of capital (actually somewhat less as I reinvest all my dividends received)
  3. Increase forward income to $450: As my current forward income sits on $210,67 I need to more then double this amount. Fortunately I have two more months this year since I’m starting immediately in January.
  4. Write a blog post once a week: Same one as last year.
  5. Spend less time with my phone: I installed the QualityTime app and it scared the bejesus out of me. Spending more than 3 hours on my phone?!? What the hell was I doing? Well no I know so I can spend time on what really matters.
  6. Spend more time with my family: My family matters, in fact they are the main reason why I do what I do and work hard towards financial independence.
  7. Read 12 self-improvement books: I need to constantly work on myself to improve myself. This means reading a lot (next to relaxing lecture) about ways to improve myself either personally or professionally. I’m currently reading: “The single best investment: Creating wealth by dividend growth” by Lowell Miller.
  8. Exercise 2-3 times a week: Next to keeping my mind sharp I need to keep my body healthy as well. Regular exercise, eating healthy and getting enough sleep are all part of this goal. I will also run at least two obstacle runs this year as well.

So here we are, my second set of goals since starting this blog. I really believe in the power of goal setting, so this will be my guide for the coming year.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this, its actually my longest blogpost ever :).


December 2017 Dividend Report

Ladies and gentleman, we did it! We finished 2017 strong with saving and investing in quality companies. This also marks the end of my first year as an dividend growth investor, and what a year its has been. From my first buys, to receiving my first dividend and making some extra-large buys here and there. Also noteworthy is my first investment in crypto coins right here. I have yet to make an update post for that speculation, but that will be another time (its positive though!).

So for a lot of the DGI community the December haul is the largest of the year. Not so for me, my largest haul was last november. Its no small month either, so here are my results:

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
1/12/2017 NYSE:INTEL 8 1.56
1/12/2017 NYSE:PFE 9 2.01
7/12/2017 NYSE:IBM 2 2.16
15/12/2017 NYSE:O 5 0.76
15/12/2017 NASDAQ:QCOM 6 2.46
18/12/2017 NYSE:VFC 6 1.98
€ 10.93

So the total amount for this month is €10,93 which is less than previous month total of €15,92. This amount already has been adjusted fo the foreign withholding tax of 15% (not 30% since our country has a tax treaty).

My year to date graph is now looking like this:


So my total for the year is……..


So that concludes 2017 for me. I didn’t make the goal I set for myself in receiving 130 euros in dividend income. I made it to 68,3%, so I can conclude that I set my goal a bit too ambitious in the previous year. I will need to make a more realistic goal (or goals!) for myself in 2018. My next post will be about these goals!

So my fellow investors, how was your month?

Dividend Increases · Investing

Dividend increases December 2017 (T, PFE, O)

(Updated 28/12/2017 to include the HRL increase, totally forgot about that one! :))

So one of the last posts this year (only one more coming!) and its the second of its kind: Dividend increases! So that means that I’m getting more money from my existing positions by doing absolutely nothing. It’s like Christmas but whole year round!


Pfizer (PFE) declares $0.34/share quarterly dividend, 6.3% increase from prior dividend of $0.32. Forward yield 3.66% Payable March 1; for shareholders of record Feb. 2; ex-div Feb. 1. Aditionally, the board also authorized a new $10B share repurchase program to be utilized over time. This new program is in addition to the $6.4B remaining under the company’s current authorization.

Since I hold 9 shares this means: ($0,02 x 4 x 9) – 15% = $0,612 additional income.


AT&T (T) declares $0.50/share quarterly dividend, 2% increase from prior dividend of $0.49. Forward yield 5.24% Payable Feb. 1; for shareholders of record Jan. 10; ex-div Jan. 9.

Since I hold 21 shares this means: ($0,01 x 4 x 21) – 15% = $0,714 additional income.


Realty Income Corporation (O) declares $0.2125/share monthly dividend, 0.2% increase from prior dividend of $0.212. Forward yield 4.57% Payable Jan 12; for shareholders of record Jan 2; ex-div Jan 29.

Since I hold 5 shares this means: ($0,0005 x 12 x 5) – 15% = $0,0255 additional income.


Hormel Foods (HRL), the annual dividend on the common stock of the corporation was raised to $0.75 per share from $0.68 per share (10,29%). The Board of Directors authorized the first quarterly dividend of eighteen and three fourths cents (18.75¢) a share to be paid on Feb. 15, 2018, to stockholders of record at the close of business on Jan. 15, 2018.

Since I hold 10 shares this means: ($0,07 x 10) – 15% = $0,595 additional income.


To sum up, these three dividend increases add a total of $1,95 to my forward income, bringing me towards a new total of ($208,74 + $1,35): $210,67! That is just awesome!


This is my (extra-large) buy for December 2017

So December has finally arrived. The year is almost at an end so this will be my final buy for this year and what a year it has been! I’ll do a year review post so I won’t get nostalgic in this post yet so lets move on to my buy for this month. Thanks to some side hustling I was able to generate €250 of additional cash so I had a total of  €500 to spend.


Archer-Daniels-Midland was my first buy. I managed to purchases 10 shares @ $40,09:

  Archer Daniels Midland
P/E 18,82
Yield 3,19% (5-yr avg is 2,40%)
Payout Ratio 59,15%
Trackrecord Aristocrat: 41 years (!) of dividend increases
Valuation $1,50 above 52-week low | $7,35 below 52-wk high

Since I missed the ex-dividend date on this one, it will not provide me with additional income this year but my I will receive my first payout in 2018. These 10 shares create an additional (10 x 4 x 0,32) – 15% = $10,88 amount of passive income bringing my total of the $200 mark to: $205,88. Thats some really amazing news!

As I said this month I was able to raise some extra cash so I could make an additional purchase, just like last month. So my next buy might be something of a surprise:


Yes I’ve bought Walt Disney! To be honest ever since I started on this journey and I found out I could be co-owner of some amazing companies I really wanted to own a part of Disney. I’ve been fortunate to have been raised in a great family and was surrounded by Disney toys, movies, etc and now that I have a family of my own I am doing the same. My house is loaded with Disney stuff and we’ve visited the park in Paris multiple times over the years. This year being the first with Lil’ Bot and what an amazing adventure it was. So is it safe to say that this is also (part) an emotional buy, the answer is yes. But I also believe their fundamentals are solid as well. I’ve bought 2 shares @ $105,64:

  The Walt Disney Company
P/E 18,60
Yield 1,59% (5-yr avg is 1,29%)
Payout Ratio 27,42%
Trackrecord Not much, growing since 2015
Valuation $9,45 above 52-week low | $10,46 below 52-wk high

Ever since Disney announced that they are going to remove all their content from Netflix in the coming two years and start their own streaming channel I wasn’t really happy. Since Netflix is sort of the only thing we watch on tv (still havent cut the cord yet) a lot of content will go missing, especially a lot of stuff Lil’Bot is looking at. I was also wondering where they would get their additional content to start a streaming channel, but then the whole Fox thing happened and things are starting to make sense again. Although I’m probably going to be forced to buy another subscription in a few years, it makes my investment in the House of the Mouse a lot safer and brighter.

This additional investment was made before the ex-dividend date they payment will be on 11th of January so it won’t help me with my goal for this year. These shares will provide me with (2 x 2 x 0,84) – 15% = $2,86 of additional passive income, bring the total forward income to $208,74!

So thats all folks! My last buy of the year and it was a great one. What did you buy? What do you think of my buys? I’m excited to find out!

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November 2017 Dividend Report

Another month has come and gone and now we are the last month of 2017. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “MAN I LOVE BEING A TURTLE!” Whoops sorry wrong quote!. Bonus points for the one that can give me the movie where its from (you can almost guess it!).

So how did I do this month, well I’m pleased to report that this is my best month ever! The largest dividend haul of my (very) short DGI journey but still I get a real kick out of it.

A total of five companies paid me in November:

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
1/11/2017 NYSE:T 12 4.28
1/11/2017 NYSE:GIS 10 3.56
15/11/2017 NYSE:HRL 10 1.22
15/11/2017 NYSE:OHI 13 6.1
15/11/2017 NYSE:O 5 0.76

So the total amount for this month is €15,92 which is less than previous month total of €6,41. This amount already has been adjusted fo the foreign withholding tax of 15% (not 30% since our country has a tax treaty).

My year to date graph is now looking like this:


With these dividends received I am also inching towards my 2017 goal:


So thats my report for November! How was your month?