July 2017 Dividend report

As promised here is my dividend report for July. It is great to realise that even when you’re sleeping or having fun on vacation your investments are working for you!

So the dividends of this month came from three different companies:

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
13/07/2017 NYSE:HASI 15 3.67
14/07/2017 NYSE:O 5 0.78
26/07/2017 NASDAQ:CSCO 10 2.10

So the total amount for this month is €6,55 which is more than previous month total of €2,72. Fluctuations abound every month but still explainable as I am just starting my DGI journey. This amount already has been adjusted fo the foreign withholding tax of 15% (not 30% since our country has a tax treaty).

My year to date graph is now looking like this:


With this dividends received I am also inching towards my 2017 goal:



Its also nice to see that I crossed the 25% mark of my goal for 2017. Since more then half of the year is already gone, its pretty clear that I won’t be reaching my goal (I set the bar a bit too high) but lets see how close I can get.

A great and fun thing I saw on another DGI blog (sorry I don’t remember at the moment which but if one of my readers does, please let me know so I can edit this entry for proper credit) is to show something that can be purchased with your received dividends.

So for my €6,55 I can for instance buy the ebook: How to Pick the Best Dividend Paying Stocks for a total of €6,04 and have €0,51 left to buy some fruit at the local grocery. 🙂

So how was your July month?



This is my buy for July 2017

Somewhat later then expected but as I explained in my previous post, summer “got in the way” 🙂

After doing some research I saw an opportunity to open a position in Intel Corporation. I bought 8 shares @ $33,50. This also marks my second buy on the Nasdaq!


  Intel Corporation
P/E 12.84
Yield 3.22%
Payout Ratio 40.17%
Trackrecord Dividend increases for over 10+ years
Valuation $0.27 above 52-week low


With a quarterly dividend of $0.27 this should bring me (8 x 0,27 x 2)-15% tax = $3,67 closer towards my goal for 2017. My forward annual income should ofcourse increase with twice that amount: $7,34 to a total of $132,18 (based on my previous forward income post).

So have you bought anything in July?

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Back in action!

So some of you might (or might not!) have noted my absence on your comment section or on this page. This was due to my well-deserved holiday and I’m now getting back into the swing of things.

I’ve got my July buy and dividend report to do and I’m already checking my watchlist for potential buys in august.

New post coming ASAP!


June 2017 Dividend report

So June has come and gone, so its time for the june report! Although I have only started on this journey in february I am really beginning to like building these reports. Whats not to like about receiving free money right?

So the dividends of this month came from:

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
19/6/2017 NYSE:O 5 0.8
20/6/2017 NYSE:VFC 6 1.92

So a big difference if we compare to April & May, but since I’m just starting out it makes sense to have lots of fluctuations during the year (yearly payout Ahold for example).


With June in the pocket my total received for this year grows to €28,16. Still a long way from my goal of €130,- but we still have a few months to go. Realistically speaking: unless I go on a major buying spree this goal has been set somewhat too high.


So fellow bloggers, how was your month?


Forward annual dividend income

So I did some preliminary calculations to see what my forward annual dividend income looks like. I took all the shares I have, looked up the annual dividend of each of them and then multiplied. 🙂

Ticker # Shares Annual dividend Total
AMS:AD 15 0.57 € 8.55
NYSE:OHI 12 2.52 $30.24
NYSE:T 12 1.96 $23.52
NYSE:HASI 15 1.32 $19.80
NYSE:VFC 6 1.68 $10.08
NYSE:GIS 5 1.92 $9.60
NYSE:O 5 2.53 $12.65
NYSE:PFE 9 1.28 $11.52
NASDAQ:CSCO 10 1.99 $19.90
 Total $ $137.31 
 Total € 8.55

This is without the 15% tax but after a quick calculation  my forward income (with current dividends and euro/dollar course) currently stands at: $146.87 – 15% =  $124,84

Not bad since I only started this whole DGI-business back in february of this year. The goal for this year is still to earn €130,- in dividends received but after passing the half year mark I’m not sure if I am going to make this one. I still have 6 months left to make purchases but barring monthly payouts there are only still 2 quarters left of payouts in most of the stocks out there.


This is my second (and last) buy for June 2017

So as I said in my previous post I had the option to add an extra cash deposit in my brokerage account due to receiving my holliday allowance. Since I was looking at a tech stock already it didn’t take my long to make my second purchase of the month.


  Cisco Systems
P/E 16.03
Yield 3.68%
Payout Ratio 54.31%
Trackrecord Dividend since 2011 (increasing in double digits)
Valuation 8.38% off 52-wk high

For the (very) few of you who haven’t heard from this tech giant: “Cisco Systems, Inc. designs and sells a range of products, provides services and delivers integrated solutions to develop and connect networks around the world.”

I can pretty much garantuee that the only reason you are able to read this post is because of equipment from Cisco. It could be directly via switch/router on your own location or via the internet backbone(s) based on Cisco-technology.

Cisco has started paying dividends since 2011 and has increased them every year with double digits. Coupled with a solid balance sheet, low payout ratio and enough room for future growth via security, cloud and IoT. I am really excited to now own 10 shares of CSCO. I bought them on a small dip @ $31,45. With a quarterly dividend of $0.29 this should bring me (10 x 0,29 x 2)-15% tax = $4,93 in 2017. My forward annual income should ofcourse increase with twice that amount: $9,86.

So have you bought anything in june?

Additonal question for my fellow DGI bloggers, how do you research/calculate the fair value of a stock you are analysing? I’m really having trouble find the right sources of information for a few key statistics.


This is my (first?) buy for June 2017

So June is on its way so its time to buy some new stock(s). Since May is the month that the holiday allowance (“Vakantiegeld”) is added to your salary this gave me, after some discussion with Mrs. Robot, an additonal €250 for this month.

I’ve already had my eyes set on the healthcare sector last month, but ultimately decided to open up a position in Realty Income due to a dip in their share price (and now again, but I ignore it :)). So the deciscion was again between PFE and JNJ!

Although I don’t think you can go wrong with either stocks, I decided to go with…….PFE!


P/E  Yield Track record Valuation
PFE 26.61 4.03 Blue-chip Near 52-wk low
JNJ 21.95 2.57 Aristocrat + King Near 52-wk high

Hmmm if I look at these basic fundamentals, JNJ is the safer choice were it not for the extremely high share price (overpriced?). Safety definetely comes with its price or so it seems.

Both companies have a solid financial base and pipeline so as stated before I don’t think there is a wrong choice here. I wish I would have started my DGI journey sooner so I might have bought JNJ at $111 in januari of this year.

I think this article offers some additional information about why I also went for PFE at this moment. I would like to add JNJ as well since its the safer stock on the long term (thanks to its diversification in consumer products next to being a pharmaceutical) but its trading at such a high valuation that I (think I) can get a better deal with the higher yield on PFE while waiting for the price to drop on JNJ.

So with this addition of 9 shares bought at $32,00 and a dividend of $0,32 this should provide me with an additional $5,76 in 2017. My annual forward income would increase with $11,52. Babysteps I know but we all have to start somewhere right?

So did you already buy something in June?