January 2022 Dividend Report

A new year and a new report for the first month of 2022. It’s been an interesting few weeks with earnings and the long awaited announcement of the AT&T dividend cut. I must say I’ve debated a few times whether or not I would sell my shares on the initial annoucement and later updates on what the spin / merger with Discovery would look like. I even commented on a few of your blogs that I really needed to make an actual decision (with subsequent investigation) on what I would do with my shares. The fact that I lost a few 100 euros on my position already didn’t help. Was it a case of loss aversion or did I simply not wanted to buy high and sell low?

In any case I didn’t make a real decision so I just rolled with it and then came the announcement, a cut of of 47% of the dividend. Ouch, that hurt pretty bad. In my previous update I reported my PADI for the first time (in a meaningful way) and with this cut I’m only barely above the 2000,- euro in forward income. This brings my experiences with cuts to a total of three: Disney, Simon Property Group and now AT&T. Not something I want to get used to! It’s a shame that my UPS position wasn’t that big because their dividend increase of 49% could have negated the entire T cut. Oh well, seves me well for not making a conscious decision this time.

In any case, I’m really thankfull that the rest of my dividends are still intact and here are my results of last month:

TickerAmount (€)

No less then 12 companies deposited their dividends into my brokerage account, ready to be reinvested (manually) in the same or other dividend stocks.

Here are the visuals:

Neon green for 2022!

And working towards my 2022 goal of €2250 in dividends received:

And we’re off!

Annual totals:

Pretty colors!

So we have started 2022! Fun thing to see when you keep track of your data is that my first month of dividends for 2022 eclipses my entire first year as a dividend growth investor. How amazing is that!

January 2021€148,33
January 2022: €106,20

A big decrease of -28,40% compared to last year mostly caused by the loss of PPL payout and a special dividend I received from ORI last year. No worries, I’m still going strong!

The progress is definitely real going through my fifth year as a dividend growth investor starting back in March of 2017 (with a monthly total of €1,98).

As always my results are converted from their base currency to euro and are post-tax.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the results of this month and ofcourse on your own results. Please let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “January 2022 Dividend Report

  1. Mooi die frisse groene kleur voor 2022:-)

    Langzaam zie ik steeds meer echte dividendgroeiaandelen verschijnen. Top.

    Het verhaal van WU geloof ik niet zo in. En of ze over 10 jaar nog bestaan????

    Dat de shortpositie bijna 10% is, geeft mij ook geen goed gevoel. Maar ieder zijn ding. Wel leuk dat we allebei in trow investeren. Op dit moment een van de betere risico/rendement aankopen wat mij betreft.




  2. Nice month, Mr. Robot. We share the pain of DIS and SPG dividend cuts. Unfortunately I sold them. I sold T immediately after announcement, but I think I would not do that on the current shareprice. TROW and V are great buys!


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