December 2021 Dividend Report

The holidays have come and gone, presents have been exchanged and the new year has begun. I hope you’ve had lovely holidays with your friends, family and loved ones. As for myself, it’s been an hectic end of the year but still I managed to take some time off work, reflect and spend a few days with my family. Thankfully we still did a quite normal / traditional Christmas day(s) and New Year celebrations so that was time well spent.

The awesome part about this DGI path is that even though you’re out celebrating and eating way more then you should, your dividends keep rolling in you’re brokerage account.

TickerAmount (€)

No less then 20 companies deposited their dividends into my brokerage account, ready to be reinvested (manually) in the same or other dividend stocks. New payer this month is Pinnacle West Corporation (PNW) which replaced my sold PPL position.

Here are the visuals:

Largest payout of the year if you’re not counting special dividends!

And working towards my 2021 goal of €1750 in dividends received:

Negative? Didn’t you made it?

Do not let the negative amount fool you! It indicates that I’ve succesfully reached my goal and even stretched it by 8%. I made it my goal to receive €1750,- in dividends and received a grand total of €1918,46!

And (inspired by Engineering Dividends) a new graph with my annual dividend totals:

The progress is clearly visible.

We’re done with 2021! I’ve reached my intended goal and then some. Awesome!

December 2020€136,53
December 2021: €226,04

A very, very big increase of 65,56% compared to last year mostly caused by building out existing positions and by a change in paydate from Unilever (again). My average growth rate for 2021 came in at about 38% per month.

The progress is definitely real going through my fifth year as a dividend growth investor starting back in March of 2017 (with a monthly total of €1,98).

As always my results are converted from their base currency to euro and are post-tax.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the results of this month and ofcourse on your own results. Please let me know in the comments!

16 thoughts on “December 2021 Dividend Report

    1. I’m still debating what my target should be, I’m leaning towards 2250,-.

      But maybe I should put my target on padi instead of just the amount of dividends received.


  1. Je sluit je jaar weer prima af.

    Mooiste overzicht blijft de voortgang van het maandelijkse dividend. Zorgt voor inspiratie en bewustzijn dat je op de goede weg bent.

    Verder wordt het nu nog leuker als het de bedragen qua dividend wat hoger worden om naast je inleg ook deze te herbeleggen. Oftewel de sneeuwbal groter te maken.

    Succes in 2022. Ik blijf je volgen.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks wordt erg gewaardeerd!

      Zeker, nu de maandelijks dividend bedragen echt body beginnen te krijgen gaat het sneller.

      Met mijn recent gekregen salarisverhoging ga ik voor 700 euro maandelijkse inleg en ik ontvang gemiddeld 150 aan dividend. Dat tikt al best aan!


  2. Wow, that’s a great month Mr. Robot! I really like your portfolio and the impressive YoY growth numbers.

    I can relate to your idea to change the target to PADI. Since we still put a lot of fresh money in, the actual dividends received in a running year is impacted significantly. Do you know your weighthed average dividend growth over 2021?

    My PADI is 1.704 and I expect an ambitious 8% dividend growth = +136
    I expect 12k of fresh money at 3% starting yield = +360
    The impact of reinvestments at 3% starting yield = +33
    So My PADI should be 2.233 at the end of 2022.

    Good luck!

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    1. You’ve done the math I intend to do, so I’ll leave that for a year end and goals 2022 post. But my line of thinking is exactly the same. Wish I could match that fresh capital of yours!


  3. Well done, Mr. Robot! Congrats on surpassing $200 for the month, not to mention reaching your annual goals. I see Unilever helped push you over the $200 mark, but you had lots of solid contributions, as always.
    Your annual dividend total took a nice jump in 2021 compared to the difference between 2020 and 2019. That’s some nice progress. Keep it going in 2022!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi ED, great to see you again!

      Yeah, the jump is significant. I’m really hoping that I can continue, but reality is that my salary doesn’t grow at the same rate, so I can’t add that much every month. The good news however is that the impact of dividend increases is really starting to count!


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