These are my buys from Q2 2021

My quest to bring balance to the force, erhm in my portfolio continues!

To be honest, it’s prety much the same as the previous quarter with me buying the same companies but in different amounts. I’m heading towards a better geo-diversificaton with these non-US stock buys.

DateTicker# Shares
26/04/2021 Unilever PLC 16
02/06/2021Ahold Delhaize N.V.34
23/06/2021Unilever PLC17
Love me some stocks!

These recent buys have also significantly improved my total forward income. Since my forward income is dynamically generated and based on all current stocks in my portfolio I’ll just share that number. This has now (including all my buys up until now) grown to: €1805,- (post-tax).

The €2000 mark is in my sights, how awesome is that!?

What I can tease is that my Q3 buys will feature more different companies with both US and non-US stock buys. I’ll take my leave with this small teaser, so I’ll see you again soon with my dividend earnings from August 2021!

Thanks for reading, I’d love to hear your opinion on my buys for Q2!

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