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These are my buys from Q1 2021

A lot of you have asked my about my own purchases in the past few months. Due to time constraints I haven’t been able to churn out monthly posts about my buys so I decided to post them every quarter, just like I did last time. This gives me some more ‘wiggle room’ and still keeps you updated, my fellow FIRE friends!

As you’ve read in the past I’ve been working on my geographical diversification, with a focus on non-US stocks. When I previously did an analysis on my portfolio, one fellow DGI investor also noted that I relied heavily on US stocks. Something which I also discovered and was already working on, as you can see in my buys from Q4 2021.

So basically I continued on my set course and added some more Dutch/EU dividend stocks:

DateTicker# Shares
26/01/2021Ahold Delhaize N.V.34
01/03/2021Ahold Delhaize N.V.34
24/03/2021Unilever PLC17
Love me some stocks!

I’m still adding 650,- euro every month and since my broker doesn’t support DRIPS I manually reinvest every dividend received. The awesome thing to behold is that with my growth over the past few years is that, on average, I receive 130,- euro in dividends every month. So that means I add about 780 euro’s of fresh capital to my portfolio every month!

So where these my only buys? Yes and no, they were my only buys on the stock market but wih the Crypto market going insane I also added some capital to that portfolio. I’ve added VET, BTT, and HOT to my portfolio. I might add some more on dips as the market continues to be extremely volatile.

And last but not least I made one more buy, a real silver bullion! More of an experiment really, since I’ve been reading about investing in silver for about three years. I’ve bought a Canadian Maple Leaf from 2014, the birth year of my eldest daughter to add some sentiment to it (and maybe justify the purchase to my wife :)). I really like it, but so far it hasn’t triggered me to fill up an entire pirate chest of these coins.

There you have it, my buys from the first quarter of 2021!

4 thoughts on “These are my buys from Q1 2021

  1. Thanks for the mention, Mr. Robot!

    That are some great buys and adding some EU diversification.

    And congrats with your silver bullion. I tried to purchase one earlier this year but they were sold out. I will follow suit soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Credit where credits due DKK!

      I’ve found that buying singles isn’t really viable with the larger shops, but Marktplaats is full of them. You just need to find a trustworthy seller.

      I can recommend you the one I bought from, just let me know.


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