Dividend Received

February 2021 Dividend Report

It’s already more than halfway through March, for some reason the past few weeks have been speeding by. Is it the working from home part? Or the continuing lockdown drudgery? Is it the monotony of the DGI path? I have no clue but here we are 🙂

I’ve been somewhat inactive lately in commenting on your blogs, sorry about that! I couldn’t quite muster up the energy for some reason. Don’t worry, I’ll probably bounce back next month!

Easy movie reference this time!

Onto my results for February:

TickerAmount (€)
Total €96.21

No less than 9 companies payed me a dividend with a nice total of €96,21. If you look at the visuals thats not that impressive, especially compared to last years results. So what happened? SPG changed payouts to January and one of my larger positions Unilever (UN) decided to payout in March skewing my results. On the bright side, the quarter-ending month should be interesting!

Ă„nd the visuals:

Look at the pretty colors!

And working towards my 2021 goal of €1750 in dividends received:

86% to go!

So we’re done with with month #2 and we checked a 6% off our total. Decent enough.

February 2020: €102,20
February 2021: €96,21
Total dividend ever: €3067,98

An annoying decrease of -5,86% compared to last year. As mentioned earlier in this post the difference is explainable but it’s not something you want to see. Thankfully the decrease has nothing to do with either selling or dividend cuts/suspensions.

The progress is still very real even though this is already my fourth year as a dividend growth investor since starting back in March of 2017 (with a monthly total of â‚¬1,98).

As always my results are converted from their base currency to euro and are post-tax.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the results of this month and ofcourse on your own results. Please let me know in the comments!

10 thoughts on “February 2021 Dividend Report

  1. We all have to deal with the occasional off-dividend payment schedule, a little frustrating for us. But its how you close out the quarter that matters and you look like your are well on your way to surpass last years 1st quarter numbers. Hoping you knock it out of the park next month.

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  2. Nice income for this month mr Robot! Compared to 2020, my dividends are also lower, but that is also due to the realignment of my portfolio. However, the bigger the dividends get and the more diversified it is, the less I am bothered by it.

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  3. Oh so close to another $100 month, Mr. Robot. Sounds like you would have been there if not for some shifting dividend payments. I’ve been hit by that quite a few times here recently as well. At least you’ll see a boost in March…. hopefully March will be a record monthly total for you. I share 7 of your 9 dividend payers… all but T & GIS.

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