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May 2020 Dividend Report

Well another month in the books, is this the final month working from home? Our country and the surrounding countries are currently removing restrictions and opening up society.

Markets have gone up and currently are going down again and I expect to see this in the coming months. June is the end of Q2 and I assume that when the financial reports for this quarter will come in that we will be in some more turmoil.

On the bright side, everyone is still relatively healthy. I’ve been somewhat under the weather lately but tested negative for Corona so thats good news 🙂

My dividends are still rolling in as clockwork, only DIS has suspended its dividend. Since this is my smallest position by far my forward income only dropped <€2,-.

Here are my result for May:

Ticker Amount (€)
T 25.14
GIS 3.81
CVS 10.90
AH 10.95
TXN 6.99
ABBV 27.53
OHI 11.04
PG 4.92
HRL 1.82
O 4.17
Total €107.27

Another €100+ month in the books! I seem to be missing SPG as it payed in the second quarter but as far as I can see its moved to June. If they even pay a dividend that is, although there CEO said that they “won’t be a company that cuts their dividend with 50% or more”. So I’m expecting 49% or less 🙂

A picture is worth more than a 100 words:


And working towards my goal for 2020:


So I finally crossed the 35% mark of my yearly goal. Since this is month 5 I need to hussle to increase my monthly payouts to reach my goal. On the other hand it seems very likely that we will have a very large expense coming up since there is an opportunity to buy the land under our house. We own the house after we pay the mortgage, not the ground beneath it (a ground lease construction).

May 2019€84,61
May 2020: €107,27

An comfortable 26,8% growth compared to April last year. As always my results are converted from their base currency to euro and are post-tax.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the results of this month and ofcourse on your own results. Please let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “May 2020 Dividend Report

    1. I’m pretty happy with the results as well. My ABBV/T dividend is somewhat big compared to the other companies so I’m trying to balance that more .


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