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September 2019 dividend report

I’ll get straight to the point: BEST MONTH EVER!

My results for September 2019:

Ticker Amount (€)
INTC 1.94
PFE 7.52
UPS 5.91
IBM 12.45
UN 14.05
ADM 16.11
3M 8.88
WBA 8.77
PRU 12.28
ORI 61.65
O 3.99
ED 4.53
VFC 1.98
UNH 3.32
QCOM 9.15

BOOM! Just like that my highest dividend received ever! Another milestone reached! My first ever €100+ month ever! At first I though this was solely caused by another first, a special dividend from ORI!) but upon further investigation I found that even without the special dividend I still receive over 100 on quarter endings from now on! How amazingly awesome is that!

Here are the visuals for August:


Would you look at that chart, isn’t it beautiful?

As far as my yearly goal (€650 in total dividends) is concerned, I’ve blown that one out of the water with a full quarter to spare. So I’ll defintely need to work on stretch goals now, let’s maximize that last quarter!

Total dividend 2019: €726,91
Total dividend received ever: €1160,95

And now….the big moment, my YoY-comparison!

September 2018: 35,09
August 2019: €172,53

A whoppin’ 391% increase compared to last year! Granted its a bit skewed due to the special dividend :).

As always my results are converted from their base currency to euro and are post-tax. I would love to hear your thoughts on your month (or mine)?

26 thoughts on “September 2019 dividend report

  1. nice Robot

    Killing your goals and absolutely destroying that year over year growth rate.
    Fantastic to see, keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, what a month! You crossed the €100 by a big margin. I hope to reach €100/month at some point next year.
    By the way, I am going to a conference in Utrecht today. It’s my first time in the Netherlands 🙂 any suggestions what I should see if I have some spare time? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks BI! You’re in the Netherlands now? Awesome! It’s a shame I’m sick at home (and about 65 km away) but there are some nice sights in Utrecht like “De Domkerk / St. Martin’s Cathedral” or “The Domtower” or “De Haar castle”. How long are you here?


      1. Yes, I’m currently on a train from Amsterdam’s airport to Utrecht 🙂 I am leaving on Saturday morning. Tomorrow is the conference but I have full free day today 🙂
        Thanks for the suggestions and get well! 🙂


  3. That’s a crazy year over year gain,. Congrats on that achievement. I see ORI paying you a nice sum too. That has been on my watch list forever but I still have not bought that “boring” insurance stock. I like it though.

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  4. Good job, Mr. Robot! Congrats on surpassing the triple-digit mark for the first time. It always feels good to set a new record. I bet you love that special dividend by ORI:)
    Keep it up!

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    1. Quarter ending months will now always be more then 100,0, now working on the other months but its quite difficult since the prices of those companies are really high at the moment.


    1. HI ED, thanks for stopping by! Its the special dividend which maxed out this month, coming month will not be so high (not even above 100). But I’ll take it! 😀


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