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August 2019 dividend report

After coming back from vacation I noticed that my body wasn’t quite the same as when the vacation started 🙂 That’s what lots of brie cheese, French bread and Doritos will do to you. So I decided to start biking towards work.

With a 10,50 km bike ride per day I’m now at allmost 130 kilometer in the past three weeks. Measuring about 230 calories burned additionally every day and combining that with my fitness regimen of two and now three times a week I’m starting to lose the additional layers of fat! It’s all about putting in the work and eating the right kind of food together with some decent sleep. Well that last part isn’t really happening with two kids but 2/3 ain’t bad.

All the while my dividends were still rolling in like clockwork 🙂

My results for August 2019:

Ticker Amount (€)
T 19.52
GIS 3.74
CVS 7.64
TXN 5.84
ABBV 24.53
OHI 6.55
PG 4.55
HRL 1.60
O 3.98
AD 4.61

Second highest payout ever received and I am inching towards that €100 euro a month payout! Here are the visuals for August:


I need to start making stretch goals for 2019:


Total dividend 2019: €554,38
Total dividend received ever: €988,42

And now….the big moment, my YoY-comparison!

August 2018: €43,69
August 2019: €82,56

A nice 88,97% increase compared to last year!

As always my results are converted from their base currency to euro and are post-tax. I would love to hear your thoughts on your month (or mine)?


13 thoughts on “August 2019 dividend report

  1. Great month Mr. Robot! It seems that you jave some hefty investments in ABBV and T.
    Good job on being active with bike and exercises, I should do more of the same!
    Keep up great work and I’m looking forward for you to cross the €100 mark!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Mr. G, I am still keeping an eye for a nice spread. It seems that both stocks have found d their way up, let’s see how lang it lasts.


  2. Ten dividend payers this month… that number is growing nicely, Mr. Robot. It seems like everyone is paying you. 😀
    I noticed that next month you’ll reach $1K in lifetime dividends. Sweet!
    At the rate you are going $100/mo. will be yours in no time. Keep doing what you’re doing… it works!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks ED, your words of support mean a lot!

      Yes 1k in dividends received ever and my next post will also reveal a major milestone I hit last month. So stay tuned for that.

      Next month will be a +100€ month due to my first special dividend! 🙂


  3. Awesome stuff man! Looks like you’ll be crushing your goal of $600 euros for the year. Vacations are awesome but it sure is nice coming back home and seeing the dividends that rolled in while you were off having fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re absolutely right! The year goal is in sight and won’t be a problem. Now its time to think on how to really crush it.

      It’s so empowering to see that I’m making more then €2,- a day while being on vacation!


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