These are my buys for February and March

Yes! I still managed to squeeze this post in March. It has been extremely busy on my end, both personal and professional. Juggling a four year old with a five month old baby requires a lot of energy. Energy which is somewhat in less supply due to a high performance job and sleep deprivation due to previously mentioned family members. πŸ™‚

I just got back from 4 days at a Cloud Conference in Germany,Β  interesting but also draining and I’m glad to be home again to spend some extra quality time.

Thankfully my money is working for me 24/7 without any energy from me except watching my portfolio and making the right buys. I didn’t post about my buy last month so this post is a combination of both the previous and the current month.

On the 11th of February I expanded my position in ADM with 22 shares @ $41,97.


On the 28th of February (technically almost March) I expanded another position by adding 13 shares of Qualcomm @ $52,90.


With the change I had left I bought 1 more share of AT & T @ $31.


So there you have it, I did not initiate a new position but rather expanded existing ones. I’m pretty happy with my buys but excited about your opinion as well. Care to comment?

20 thoughts on “These are my buys for February and March

  1. Congrats with your recent buys. I recognize the busyness as last month I went to a 5 day Data Conference in England, 4 day skiing trip with colleagues, taxiing my 3 kids to school, day nursery, parents, multiple sports and friends and a demanding job in uncertain times. Just keep breathing :). I like your ADM buy, but have doubts about Qualcomm: For T, the most indebted company, I hope that they played the right card with their Time Warner purchase. I believe the dividend is still safe, but I don’t see a compelling perspective on growth. VZ has a different strategy, so this seems to be an interesting battle for the coming years.

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    1. Keep breathing is indeed key! Thank you for an interesting and insightful reply. You are absolutely right about Qualcomm not being a guaranteed results. But considering the 5G, IOT and autonomous cars future their products will be in constant and increasing supply. So it’s a risk vs reward thing.

      It would hurt to also add VZ to the mix as well πŸ™‚


  2. Ah, another IT-guy in a dividend investor country. πŸ™‚

    My compliments for your spread across different sectors.

    There’s nothing wrong with expanding positions in companies that you already have. This way you can make good use of the knowledge you already have about the companies.

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    1. Thanks DKB! Jup it seems to be a bit of a thing. IT guys and DGI. πŸ™‚ I’ll do a sector overview post in a few weeks. I try to diversify as much as I can but still lack certain sectors though πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for the backup! πŸ™‚

      I use DeGiro. There is always a fee but it’s only 0,50 something cents for 1 share which equals 1 payout of a quarter. I don’t mind those kind of fees in the long run. I usually ofcourse buy larger amounts but this was somewhat leftover money and it fit the right amount πŸ™‚


  3. Interesting buys, Mr. Robot!
    I owned QCOM for a while but decided to get out in September last year. I believe it was when AVGO placed an offer to take over QCOM. It would be the biggest semi merger (AVGO’s bid was more than $100 bil.). Long story short, it never happened. Today QCOM looks much more cheaper. It also looks like that many uncertainties are already priced in. I hope the legal battles with Apple can be resolved finally.

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  4. I only own QCOM at this time, but I’ve watched ADM for some time. I like your entry point on QCOM, Mr. Robot. You’ve already seen a nice uptick in it’s price. Definitely, some uncertainty around QCOM, but hopefully it gets resolved soon and QCOM can focus on the technology. Keep up with those purchases…

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    1. Will do ED. I definitely saw an uptick after my initial purchase and it came all the way down to my earlier level-ish so I decided to add again. The company is not going anywhere but up as far as I’m concerned.


    1. Hey Mr. G, I actually don’t really take the dollar course into consideration. With my horizon it hurts more when the money isn’t working for me in the market then timing on dollar valuation.

      That being said, I don’t really have a list of EUR stocks. I only own AH and Unilever so far. So I would be interested it any you have on your watchlist πŸ™‚


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