August 2018 Dividend Report

(*8/9/2018: Thanks to Dividend Daze who pointed out I had overwritten my July month in my graph, I realised that also my YTD and total overall are wrong so I updated them as well as the graph. Even more positive now! :))

Aaaaaand another month gone! Poof, just like that. I find myself sounding like a broken record but the months are flying by at mach 3.

I celebrated my birthday the past weekend and am officially closer to 40 then 30. Not that it bothers me in the least but with the birthday money I can buy some additional stocks 🙂

The sharp observers among you may have noticed that there was no monthly buy post in August. In the free time I had I wasn’t able to make a choice in which stock(s) I was to purchase. So when August ran out of days I decided to make an extra-including-birthday-money-extra large buy in September.

But that’s something for another post, let’s focus on the dividends received for August and boy do I have some news for you!

No less then 7 companies payed me past month. See the breakdown below:

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
01/08/2018 T 31 11.28
02/08/2018 GIS 10 3.58
15/08/2018 OHI 13 6.41
15/08/2018 HRL 10 1.4
15/08/2018 ABBV 19 12.94
15/08/2018 O 23 3.78
15/08/2018 PG 8 4.3

You have read that right, a whopping €43,69 (!) has been payed out to my account. I blew completely past the €3x range and straight into the €4x range! Ofcourse this is not my new average monthly total (I wish!) but its great to see these kind of amounts hitting my account every quarter from now on. Mainly due to my two largest positions at the moment: T & ABBV.

This monster haul is my largest ever!

So this means my progress so far this year is still coming along nicely (check out the new scaling!):



And so far so good on my 2018 goals:



Total dividend YTD 2018: €185,69.
Total dividend received ever: €274,84.

And now….the big moment, my YoY-comparison!

August 2017: €12,26.
August 2018: €43,69.

Thats another amazing increase of 356,36% compared to last year! 

I’ll be off binge-commenting (thanks Tom for that one) on your blogs now, I would love to hear your thoughts on your month (or mine)?

31 thoughts on “August 2018 Dividend Report

  1. What a great achievement Mr. Robot! Next year you will look back at this post and think “Did I really think 43,69 was a monster haul?” Once you put your mind to it, things will go faster than you can imagine. I’m looking forward to that post in August 2019 🙂

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  2. Way to go Mr. Robot, you’re going to be pushing the 50,00 milestone in no time! My portfolio shares 5 of your dividend payers from August, and I was pleased too!

    That annual goal is within striking distance too, so it looks like you will surpass that without too much trouble over these last few months! Keep up the great work!

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    1. 50 a month would be a real milestone for sure.

      Yes the goal for 2018 should not really be a problem anymore considering I will have another month like this at years end. Maybe I should add a stretch goal or something.


  3. Mach 3. That’s for sure. Wait till you get a little older and the time goes even faster. Good work on the dividend income Mr. R. Tom

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  4. Nicely done mister! Looking at your 2017 data, I think you won’t even see the 3x range in your monthly dividend income. Maybe you’ll already see a triple digit month around the end of next year…

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    1. Hmm I’m guessing I’ll probably see some more 2x and 3x months before crossing over permanently.

      Triple digits next year? Who knows, it would be awesome!


  5. Hi Mr.Robot,
    Congrats on a great month! Amazing progress compared to last year and I love the companies that paid dividends to you this month. I was paid by 4 companies and you own 3 of them (PG, O & T) 🙂

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    1. Double thanks Daze!

      Dang, you are right. I pasted my August results in the July column. I’ll be updating my graph this weekend. Well spotted my friend, thank you!


      1. I’ve updated everything, my numbers are even more positve now since I had overwritten July 2018. Thanks again Daze, I added a link in the first alinea of the blogpost.


  6. Wow, Mr. Robot! You surpassed your previous best month by a wide margin. Outstanding work. That dividend chart reflects your efforts nicely.
    Yes, you are going to reach your 2018 goals early… go ahead and add a stretch goal for the remainder of the year. You might just eclipse that one, too, the way you are trending.
    I share 5 of the 7 dividend payers you had this month. HRL has been on a nice run up lately, wouldn’t you say?

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    1. I’ll look into the stretch goal. My previous goal is a sure thing after this month. And we have 1 quarter to go!

      I bought HRL at $31,59 so it’s definitely been a stellar trip so far! 🙂


  7. Hello. Very nice dividend increase quarter over quarter, year over year. You have what I call mainstream stocks or stocks you would find in most people’s portfolio. While I do not currently have any of these stocks in my portfolio I did have OHI at one time and sold believing that the stock was about to tank. I have been watching it closely and might add it back to my portfolio in 2019.

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    1. You are absolutely right about the mainstream stocks. I think in the DGI community a lot of people are coming to the same conclusions. I feel comfortable owning these stocks (so far!) :).


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