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June 2018 Dividend Report

And BOOM, it’s july! Summer is really upon us as the temperature keeps rising and vacation time is around the corner. This year its going to be even more awesome when I realise that during my vacation I’ll earn €1,- a day when I’m on my holiday having fun!

Although we’re really looking forward to a well deserved vacation, its not our time yet. So here are the numbers for June. Alas no personal record for me this month (Solid second highest ever though!), but I’m still excited about the growth as you’ll see later in the post.

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
01/06/2018 INTC 8 2.23
01/06/2018 PFE 9 1.74
06/06/2018 UN 10 3.96
08/06/2018 ADM 18 4.34
12/06/2018 IBM 2 2.27
17/06/2018 O 23 3.69
19/06/2018 VFC 6 2.02
21/06/2018 QCOM 6 2.72
€ 22,97

So this means my progress so far this year is coming along nicely:


And so far so good on my 2018 goals:


We crossed the half year mark and I’m ahead of schedule on my 2018 dividend total!

Total dividend YTD 2018: €115,51 (which is almost €30 more then our 2017 total!)
Total dividend received ever: €204,30.

And now….the big moment, my YoY-comparison!

June 2017: 2,72
June 2018: €22,97

Thats another amazing increase of 844,49% compared to last year! 

How about you my dear readers / fellow bloggers, how was your June?

24 thoughts on “June 2018 Dividend Report

  1. Now that’s some impressive YoY growth, Mr. Robot. What I wouldn’t give to have that for my Portfolio these days!
    I agree that your dividend chart is proof that your portfolio is coming along nicely. Keep it up.
    Enjoy the upcoming vacation, too, and know that your portfolio is working to deliver increased dividends for you.

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  2. Really impressive growth Mr. Robot! Your account growth and dividend growth shows just how powerful the dividend growth machine can be. Keep adding capital regularly and the sky is the limit. You can rest easy during your vacation, knowing that your investments are working for you. Great work!

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  3. Awesome work Mr. Robot and that YoY growth is a testament to your hard work! It is great to see the mindset of how you will be getting paid while on vacation. Put your dollars to work for you and they will do great things.

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  4. That’s a huge triple-digit increase in your YoY growth Mr. Robot. Keep at it, and those dividend snowballs will keep getting bigger. I still really love the graphs, especially the one that shows the progress you’ve made so far and how much you’re left to go to meet your goals. Looking forward to seeing how you did in July.

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    1. Thanks for the compliments DP, appreciate it! That specific graph keeps me laser focused on my goal for this year. July is shaping up to be an record month!


    1. It’s going to be extra hard next year to see the same kind of growth but I will keep pushing! It also helps that in my second year I double my monthly capital deployment. 🙂


  5. Very awesome YoY growth M. Robot, you must be extremely pleased. Congrats on having a great June. I have a smile on my face when I look at your dividend income chart. Every month in 2018 has been higher than 2017. That’s awesome!

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    1. Hey Bob, welcome to the blog!

      As I said before, maintaining this growth is the challenge. 🙂 But yeah I really love my graphs and the steps that it is showing.


  6. Thanks for sharing.
    I didn’t find this on your blog but have you ever shared the total amount of investments you have with regards to your portfolio? If not do you mind to share it?


  7. Mr. Robot, The chart is proof your money is working for you and looking better and better as time goes on. Keep up the great work!

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