This is my (second) extra-large buy for June 2018

As I have hinted with the title of my previous blogpost, I also made a second buy this month. After recieving our holiday allowance in May we received our tax refund in June.

Out of the blue Mrs. Robot said: “Well, since our tax refund is in how about you spend €2000,- on our stock portfolio and we save the rest.” I totally did not see that one coming, but I love it none the less. Talk about another kicker to our portfolio! 🙂


So I immediately transferred half of that amount to our brokerage account (so she didn’t have time to reconsider), ready to deploy that capital! And it didn’t take me long to decide where to put that money.


P/E (<20) 23,44
Yield (>2%) 4,13%
Payout Ratio (<75%) 49,2%
Increases (>= 5 year) Aristocrat: 45 years
3-year DGR (>5%) 15,5% (couldn’t find the 5 year version)
EPS (>0) $3,97
Valuation (<=10% > 52wk low) 25,44%

Seeing my above screener I realise that this stock defintely did not hit all my preferred metrics. But I have no issues with paying somewhat of a premium for this company. I intiated a position by buying 12 shares of AbbVie @ $93,05.

This new addition to my stock portfolio increases my forward income (with 12 x $3.84 – 15% = $39,17) from $396,74 to $435.78! 

I’ve got the $500 mark in my crosshairs!



13 thoughts on “This is my (second) extra-large buy for June 2018

  1. Mr. Robot. Good company. Nice dividend and dividend growth history. Hopefully they can fill up their drug pipeline. About 65% of revenue comes from 1 drug (Humira). Eventually they will have to diversify their revenue stream. Tom

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  2. Nice mate! I’ve had my eyes on ABBV for like a year now, wish I would have pulled the trigger at any price point really. Great stock! Just never did buy them as there were so many options out there. Congratulations!


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    1. Thanks DI, I’m pretty excited about this buy. Its my second company in biotech/pharmaceutical so I’m looking to add JNJ to complete the trio.


  3. Superb buy! Is all the above analysis and metrics is used for all of your buys? I mean how do you determin when amd what shares you will add your portfolio.
    Good luck bro!

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    1. Hi GNB, these are default metrics I use to identify stocks worth buying. After reading up on them, checking sources, etc I buy them! 🙂


  4. Love this buy and I’ve been in ABBV for quite some time now, before I was thinking about or focused on dividends. It is actually my best holding in terms of YOC at 18.62%!


    1. That’s awesome DivvyDad. I actually bought another 6 shares yesterday after the drop and right before ex div date. So my total is now 18 shares. Will do a post about it in the future.


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