This is my buy for February 2018

So we have had an interesting week. After record after record and high after high we finally had a small correction in the markets, not once but twice. Is this the beginning of a larger correction? Who knows, but what I do know was that it offered me a nice price drop for a buy that I wanted to make anyway.

I was fortunate to be able to add another 500 euro to my portfolio and I decided to splurge it all in more than doubling my position in the monthly dividend company, Realty Income.


I’ve added 13 shares @ $50! And as usual after one of my buys, the price dipped even lower and is now hovering around $48,90. So people if you’re looking for a bargain, please wait until after my monthly buy post and you will be guaranteed a lower price then what I paid for it. πŸ™‚ These 13 shares offered a juicy 5,26% yield which will help me a lot in my forward income.

These 13 shares provide me with an additional income of (13 x 12 x 0.219) – 15% = $29,04 andΒ brings the new total towards $232,41 +Β $29,04 = $261,45.

I crossed the $250 mark! How cool is that?!?


31 thoughts on “This is my buy for February 2018

  1. It is very cool Mr. Robot. I added to my O holdings in January in the low 50’s. I like the company better at your buy price of $50 and even better in the high 40’s. I would have added more to O last week, but didn’t have the cash available to do so. O well. Next time I guess. Tom

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  2. There is no timing this market πŸ™‚ I used to say the same with my stock picking skills. The moment I decide to buy a stock … go ahead and short it. Feeling much better investing in index funds. Nice buy mate.

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      1. Well the price has declined from high 50’s to high 40’s thata -20%. I made some research about REITs and foud that P/E is not good comparison but P/FFO. Then it does not look overvalued. Also that equity increase thing is also related fo REIT specific. Its risky but it is what it is πŸ™‚ Then you can have a jucy +5% yield.

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  3. Nice buy. I got it before you at a higher price. So your not doing to bad. πŸ˜‰

    I guess it’s a buy for the long term. In the short time there is no telling what the price of O will do with those rising interest rate. However, the company is increasing FFO year after year and with that the dividend, so I’m happy with it!

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    1. Hi P2F! Thanks for sharing that makes me feel somewhat better (#sorrynotsorry πŸ™‚ ). I’m kidding! True that’s what’s great about this company. For me the horizon is about 20 years so let them keep doing their thing.


  4. I joined you in adding some O recently, Mr. Robot. I added at a little below $50/share. I believe there may be more left to the decline in the short-term, but if I’m wrong and it turns higher, then I’ll be very happy with the addition. Either way, the increased monthly dividend will be welcomed in my portfolio. Thanks for the update.

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  5. HI Mr. Robot,

    Regarding LTC, I would just say they are in SNF segment of healthcare REITs which is hard hit by tenant defaults or under performance due to govt. paid programs and much stricter oversight.

    Larger REITs like VTR and OHI have either spun-off or still dealing with the issues with their SNF properties/operators. LTC is a much smaller REIT and over half of their properties are in SNF.

    So, if you are looking to buy LTC, just be aware of the risks and if you already own OHI or another SNF heavy REIT, you may want to reconsider buying LTC as it will simply increase your risks.

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    1. As usual thank you very much for your insights Mr. ATM, they are highly appreciated. I’m aware of the risks that LTC poses and will do additional research before even thinking about pulling the trigger.

      It occurred to me that I haven’t made a portfolio post yet, so I’ll post one soon. I hope you would be so kind as to have a look at it when its online? I would be very interested in your comments…


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