January 2018 Dividend Report

Aaaaand it’s gone! The first month of the year has officially ended and 2018 is in full swing. Time went by so fast that I even lagged in my blog posting since I didn’t report my previous buy of 5 shares of Realty Income (O) @ $55 (and it dipped a whole lot lower as usual) and 8 shares of Archer Daniel Midlands (ADM) @ $40.

These two buys increased my forward income by:

Realty Income: (5 x 12 x 0.219) – 15% = $11,17
Archer Daniel Midlands: (8 x 4 x 0,32) – 15% = $8,70

So my new forward income (after my increases in January) is $212,54 + $19.87 = $232,41!

A mini-blog post inside my blogpost inception-style! ­čÖé

So a total of 5 companies payed me in January:

Ticker Shares Amount (ÔéČ)
DIS 2 1.17
HASI 15 3.45
O 5 0.73
CAH 5 1.59
CSCO 10 1.98
ÔéČ 8.92

My year to date graph:


My goal 2018 graph:


Not my best haul ever, but a good start of 2018! How was your month?

24 thoughts on “January 2018 Dividend Report

  1. Love the inception reference. Congrats on the two buys. Because O keeps going lower, I’m considering adding to my position, but we will see. Both O and CSCO paid me dividends as well in January. Let’s see how February treats us both.

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  2. Nice results ­čÖé January for me was empty as we have no companies that pay dividenda at first months. Jus received T dividends at first days for Feb. And it was 12% after aditional purchase back in Novber and their dividend increase. Was thinking about starting monthly dividend reporta. Guess have to have at least some shares that pay in first months of the quarter ­čÖé

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  3. Hi Mr. Robot,
    Great month and I like diversification of your portfolio. As you already saw from my post, I am sharing CSCO and O with you. Nice to see you staying active and constantly adding to your portfolio – I am sure that the snowball will start rolling faster and faster for you if you keep up the pace ­čśë

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  4. Mr Robot a nice start to the year. I laughed when I read your “A mini-blog post inside my blogpost inception-style! ­čÖé” haha.The Babushka of blog posts!

    No dividends for me in January, but with time they will come!

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  5. I like all the movie/ tv show references. Good stuff. I share a lot of those companies in my portfolio. Ended up getting rid of my HASI position last year though. Glad it is still paying you well. Looking forward to seeing you break some records this year.

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    1. Hi Daze!

      I read it on your blog, I think you have valid reasons for selling them. I’m still happy so far so for now I’m holding.

      I really love movies & tv shows so there is plenty more where that came from! ­čÖé


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