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Dividend increases December 2017 (T, PFE, O)

(Updated 28/12/2017 to include the HRL increase, totally forgot about that one! :))

So one of the last posts this year (only one more coming!) and its the second of its kind: Dividend increases! So that means that I’m getting more money from my existing positions by doing absolutely nothing. It’s like Christmas but whole year round!


Pfizer (PFE) declares $0.34/share quarterly dividend, 6.3% increase from prior dividend of $0.32. Forward yield 3.66% Payable March 1; for shareholders of record Feb. 2; ex-div Feb. 1. Aditionally, the board also authorized a new $10B share repurchase program to be utilized over time. This new program is in addition to the $6.4B remaining under the company’s current authorization.

Since I hold 9 shares this means: ($0,02 x 4 x 9) – 15% = $0,612 additional income.


AT&T (T) declares $0.50/share quarterly dividend, 2% increase from prior dividend of $0.49. Forward yield 5.24% Payable Feb. 1; for shareholders of record Jan. 10; ex-div Jan. 9.

Since I hold 21 shares this means: ($0,01 x 4 x 21) – 15% = $0,714 additional income.


Realty Income Corporation (O) declares $0.2125/share monthly dividend, 0.2% increase from prior dividend of $0.212. Forward yield 4.57% Payable Jan 12; for shareholders of record Jan 2; ex-div Jan 29.

Since I hold 5 shares this means: ($0,0005 x 12 x 5) – 15% = $0,0255 additional income.


Hormel Foods (HRL), the annual dividend on the common stock of the corporation was raised to $0.75 per share from $0.68 per share (10,29%). The Board of Directors authorized the first quarterly dividend of eighteen and three fourths cents (18.75¢) a share to be paid on Feb. 15, 2018, to stockholders of record at the close of business on Jan. 15, 2018.

Since I hold 10 shares this means: ($0,07 x 10) – 15% = $0,595 additional income.


To sum up, these three dividend increases add a total of $1,95 to my forward income, bringing me towards a new total of ($208,74 + $1,35): $210,67! That is just awesome!

21 thoughts on “Dividend increases December 2017 (T, PFE, O)

  1. They are my favorite as well. O is a company that calls itself Monthly Dividend company. That should say something about its commitment to paying dividends month after month. I plan to add more when I have some cash available.

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      1. Hi Mr. Robot,

        It seems you are prioritizing picking a new stock over a proven and time tested stock that you already own. I used to do that a lot and then I realized that it would make more sense if I build up the companies that I already own and which have proven themselves by consistently increasing their dividends while also appreciating in value.

        For me, O has appreciated quite a bit since I bought it several years ago and I still continue to build it up even though it is a full position. As they say 100% of nothing is still nothing, that’s why I make sure my winning positions always get priority when new cash becomes available as I want my winners to be the biggest positions in the portfolio.

        This strategy results in more green in my portfolio than red. As of now, I’ve only two red positions in my portfolio of 41 stocks. Green makes me feel good.

        Take care

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  2. Hi Mr. ATM, normally I would agree with you and thanks for the advanced warning. Currently I feel I need more diversifcation of different sectors So that is why I am still opening up new positions at the moment. But you are right that this is something to heed in the future. My aim is somewhere in the 40 different company stocks, but I have yet to do a analysis of my current holdings. As allways, really appreciate your comment.


  3. Hi Mr. Robot, I was happy to share in the increases from O and HRL. I agree, dividend raises make it feel like Christmas all year round! Keep boosting that forward dividend income…

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  4. Super excited for these increases. I own all of the companies you mentioned. Combined, they added $6.60 to my portfolio. And, there will likely be more increases in 2018, and the year after that, and after that and so it goes.

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  5. We own HRl, T, and O so I was pretty happy with seeing those raises. Sadly PFE isn’t in our portfolio but I hope to get that remedied over time. All the best in 2018!

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