This is my buy for September 2017

After much consideration I decided to dip my toes in another tech stock, namely IBM. IBM seems to be part of most DGI portfolio’s and not without good reason. I’ve initiated a small position with 2 shares @ $143,89 and as usual with all my purchases it proceeded to dip the next day to lower $142. Oh well…


P/E 11.95
Yield 4,17%
Payout Ratio 47,42%
Trackrecord Almost Aristocrat status (in 4 years)
Valuation $4,76 above 52-week low | $38,90 below 52-wk high

With new developments in cloud, AI, autonomous driving and blockchain I am very confident that IBM has a very bright future ahead.

With a quarterly dividend of $1.50 this should bring me (2 x 1,50 x 1 (just missed the ex-dividend date 😦 ) -15% tax = $2.55 closer towards my goal for 2017. My forward annual income should ofcourse increase with four times that amount: $10,20 to a total of $154.01.

As I had some additional funds left, I like to keep my cash close to $0 on my brokerage account, I also added 1 share of OHI at $32,33. This buy provides me with an additional (1 x 0,64) – 15% is $0.54 towards my goal of 2017. This also marks the first time that I have expanded an existing position in my portfolio, dollar-cost-averaging in effect!

My total forward income increases with this additional OHI share to $156,82.

So what did you buy in September?

17 thoughts on “This is my buy for September 2017

  1. Hi Mr. Robot,
    Nice purchase! I think IBM has good value at the moment. Its value drop was too big recently in my opinion.
    I was also considering IBM recently but chose CSCO at the end.
    I am jealous of your broker – it looks like the commissions are amazing! I wish they were available in Lithuania – the commercial bank I am using sucks with their investment platform, unfortunately..

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      1. That’s amazing! I pay $9.95 per US transaction 😀 so I have to invest in much bigger bunches, unfortunately. Hopefully, DeGiro or a similar broker will become available in Lithuania one day…

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  2. IBM is my 3rd largest holding at the moment and I have a great confidence in them on a long term. Probably the share price won’t start going much higher before they finally manage to increase their revenue, but meanwhile the company provides great and safe dividends that can be reinvested. Well done!

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  3. Good call on IBM, I think they are going to be a big player in blockchain technology. I just wrote about it and also bought some IBM in my dividend portfolio. Will add more on dip.

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