This is my buy for August 2017

I’ve decided (after conducting my own research ofcourse) to follow the footsteps of a lot of people in the DGI community and initiate a position in Qualcomm. I’ve bought 6 shares @ $52,49.qcom

  Qualcomm Incorporated
P/E 20,11
Yield 4,34%
Payout Ratio 82,76%
Trackrecord Dividend increases for over 12+ years
Valuation $1,44 above 52-week low

Even though there is a lot of rumor regarding this stock with ongoing lawsuits I also believe there is a large upside in the long term (and short term with the NXP deal). To read more I suggest you check out this article on Seeking Alpha written by Fiscal Voyage: Recent buy.

With a quarterly dividend of $0.57 this should bring me (6 x 0,57 x 2)-15% tax = $5,82 closer towards my goal for 2017. My forward annual income should ofcourse increase with twice that amount: $11,63 to a total of $143,81.

So what did you buy in August?

8 thoughts on “This is my buy for August 2017

  1. I like QCOM and own it. The stock should do well once these legal issues are settled. I don’t think Apple has much choice but to settle as there is no QCOM equal when it comes to modem performance.

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  2. Mr. Robot –
    Nice buy, I love the yield! I’m a little bit worried about the payout ratio but hopefully they will manage to continue increasing dividends. I had a look at their annual report and noticed that they are investing to 5G heavily. I believe this is going to be a huge thing starting from 2019 or so. I can see value in the long run because of that. I am not even talking about smartphones we are using every day and most of them have Qualcomm software inside and I think it’s not going anywhere 🙂
    – BI

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    1. Hi B, thanks for stopping by and your comment. I understand your worries about the payout ratio, it was the one thing that maybe doubt but I see a brightfuture ahead for QCOMM. I firmly believe that the tech stocks I own are shaping our future.


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