This is my buy for July 2017

Somewhat later then expected but as I explained in my previous post, summer “got in the way” ūüôā

After doing some research I saw an opportunity to open a position in Intel Corporation. I bought 8 shares @ $33,50. This also marks my second buy on the Nasdaq!


  Intel Corporation
P/E 12.84
Yield 3.22%
Payout Ratio 40.17%
Trackrecord Dividend increases for over 10+ years
Valuation $0.27 above 52-week low


With a quarterly dividend of $0.27 this should bring me (8 x 0,27 x 2)-15% tax = $3,67 closer towards my goal for 2017. My forward annual income should ofcourse increase with twice that amount: $7,34 to a total of $132,18 (based on my previous forward income post).

So have you bought anything in July?

6 thoughts on “This is my buy for July 2017

  1. Beyond my usual contributions to my portfolio, I haven’t bought anything in July. However, I’m looking to add 5 more stocks to my portfolio, but am struggling to decide on the 5th stock. Intel looks very interesting. For some reason, I never considered it until now. I will definitely have to do more research, but this might just end up as number 5.

    In any case, good luck with the purchase. What’s really important is that you’re adding shares to your overall position. You’re investing in solid companies that is not likely to go out of business tomorrow, and all the while, benefiting from the power of compounding.


  2. Intel is a great company and its stock is a good buy at $32-$33. However, it’s basically stuck in the $32-36/37 range for a long time.

    I worked for the company as an engineer for 17-years and know it quite well.

    I have also held it’s shares since 2000 and those shares are currently at 150% profit and my YOC is around 7.5%. I can sell my shares and make a huge profit, but I believe in the company, though I don’t believe in the current management. In my opinion, the CEO needs to go for the stock to breakout of $30s and I’ve very good reasons for this opinion.

    In any case, stock is a good buy at a good current yield, long-term you should do well.

    All the best,
    Mr. ATM


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