June 2017 Dividend report

So June has come and gone, so its time for the june report! Although I have only started on this journey in february I am really beginning to like building these reports. Whats not to like about receiving free money right?

So the dividends of this month came from:

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
19/6/2017 NYSE:O 5 0.8
20/6/2017 NYSE:VFC 6 1.92

So a big difference if we compare to April & May, but since I’m just starting out it makes sense to have lots of fluctuations during the year (yearly payout Ahold for example).


With June in the pocket my total received for this year grows to €28,16. Still a long way from my goal of €130,- but we still have a few months to go. Realistically speaking: unless I go on a major buying spree this goal has been set somewhat too high.


So fellow bloggers, how was your month?

11 thoughts on “June 2017 Dividend report

  1. Hello,

    A great month! You started to roll your snowball. Keep up the good work and the dividend will follow 😀🇳🇱




  2. Hi, you gotta start from somewhere. 2.72 is 2.72 extra that you don’t have if you didn’t invest your money. And it’s the money that you didn’t have to slay any dragon to get, it’s the money that were paying to you while you were in bed sleeping. LOL 🙂 That’s what I’m talking about.

    I’d say it’s a win! Keep it up on buying and tracking your passive income. And you’ll get there in no time.



  3. Solid report, and I like your graphs. As you know, I’m just starting out as well. My income for all of June is just $16.89, so like you, I see fluctuations between the months. I just started tracking dividends in April, so I also can’t compare things on a yearly basis. But, keep building on your portfolio. Looking forward to more reports.


    1. Hi DiPo, thanks as always for your comments! The graphs are fairly simple to create via excel (I have 2016-version) and are default template 🙂

      I also just commented on your june report, nice results!


  4. It is interesting to see your quarter ending months lower than the rest. But again, you just started so that is fine. Doesn’t matter when things pay out, as long as they do and keep growing right? Keep making quality buys and this will grow in no time!


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