Forward annual dividend income

So I did some preliminary calculations to see what my forward annual dividend income looks like. I took all the shares I have, looked up the annual dividend of each of them and then multiplied. 🙂

Ticker # Shares Annual dividend Total
AMS:AD 15 0.57 € 8.55
NYSE:OHI 12 2.52 $30.24
NYSE:T 12 1.96 $23.52
NYSE:HASI 15 1.32 $19.80
NYSE:VFC 6 1.68 $10.08
NYSE:GIS 5 1.92 $9.60
NYSE:O 5 2.53 $12.65
NYSE:PFE 9 1.28 $11.52
NASDAQ:CSCO 10 1.99 $19.90
 Total $ $137.31 
 Total € 8.55

This is without the 15% tax but after a quick calculation  my forward income (with current dividends and euro/dollar course) currently stands at: $146.87 – 15% =  $124,84

Not bad since I only started this whole DGI-business back in february of this year. The goal for this year is still to earn €130,- in dividends received but after passing the half year mark I’m not sure if I am going to make this one. I still have 6 months left to make purchases but barring monthly payouts there are only still 2 quarters left of payouts in most of the stocks out there.

7 thoughts on “Forward annual dividend income

  1. Great start and getting there every day. Just keep making quality purchases and you will get there in no time. The growth is fast in the beginning so enjoy seeing those big growth numbers of your portfolio. They help to you focused and want more.


  2. That’s excellent. We are right around the same. My forward dividend income for the year, as of today’s date, is $186.27. I fully expect the numbers to rise with future contributions to my portfolio.

    You also have some great stocks in your portfolio. Good luck with your annual goal.


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