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May 2017 dividend update

Another month has come and gone, time really flies by so fast! Thankfully due to a few well-deserved (and well-needed!) vacation days I could enjoy some quality time with my family. And that, to me, is still wat matters most.

Besides having a great holiday I also have some dividends to report!

Date Ticker Shares Amount (€)
01/05/2017 NYSE:T 12 4.57
01/05/2017 NYSE:GIS 5 1.86
15/05/2017 NYSE:OHI 12 5.8


So thats a total amount of  €12.23 which is pretty nice!


My total for passive income in 2017 now stands at: € 25,44.

Which brings me a bit closer to my 2017 goal of €130,-.


How was your month, did you receive any nice dividends?

18 thoughts on “May 2017 dividend update

  1. Very nice! May was a good month for me as well, however June would be twice as good since it is the last month of the quarter when most of my companies pay dividend.

    All the best,
    Mr. ATM


  2. Well on your way to reach your dividend goal! Great stuff has small beginnings 😉


  3. HI there. Nice to see fellow dividend investor/beginner. Will be following your progress. Nice to see same T position. GIS is also on my watch list. Presently I have also invested in JNJ, INTC and TGT, which I think are still under barable evaluation. JNJ I managed to buy under 20 P/E, now its around 22, so not sure if it would be on my top list in present situation. Presently my next targets are: VZ, CSCO, ABBV, GIS. Im also looking at PG, PEP, WMT, PFE, MCD, KO, but they look overvalued. Also at some point might initiated positions at energy and Financial sectors, which are a bit volative. My favorite stocks there are: JPM with WFC and XOM with CVX


    1. Hi P2035, thanks for stopping by! I’ll be following you along as well 🙂

      I would also love to add JNJ but not at its current price. I initiated a position in PFE yesterday (9 shares at $32, post coming up) and have an outstanding order for CSCO. Also watching ABBV, INTC and others your are referring too, nice!


  4. Nice seeing another GIS shareholder. I’m still watching that name in June for another potential buy. Keep collecting those dividends, large and small and watch yourself getting closer and closer to your 2017 goal. Nice job!


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