Expanded the home gym!

I have never been one for a gym membership, even though there are a LOT of gyms in my neighbourhood. I really hate the fact that I lose lots of time going to/from the gym, changing clothes, etc. Thats the mean reason I decided to “invest” in my own home gym.

I’m fortunate enough to have some space on the second floor where I can put my workout stuff. Currently there is a cross trainer (used most by Miss Bot), a set of dumbells with different eights, three kettlebells (8, 12, 16 Kg), straight bar, EZ curl bar and now (finally!) I’ve added my brand spankin’ new pull up bar (it was my previous christmas present :)). Its a Gladiator Monkey chin-up ¬†bar with a variety of hand positions to work different pars of the body.

I’ve never been able to do more then 3 chin-ups, but that is going to change in 2017!

Do you have a home gym?

3 thoughts on “Expanded the home gym!

  1. We actually sold almost all our exercise stuff (dumbbells, etc.) except a couple of resistance bands and push up bars. This, in combination with running and cycling, is enough to keep me in shape. Like the insanity workout (no tools required), albeit have not done it in a while, house is too noisy for the neighbors to jump for half an hour to an hour ūüėČ


    1. Insanity, I have the videos too! Its been a while for me but I plan on starting it again in the coming months. I do obstacle races so variation in my workouts is important to be prepared.


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