This is my buy for April 2017

So a new month, a new deposit in my investing account and a new buy for my portfolio.

After doing some investigating in different stocks and reading (a lot) of my fellow bloggers in the community (thanks guys & gals) I saw a nice dip on General Mills (GIS) heading below $59.


I bought 5 shares @ $58,83 (it unfortunately dipped even lower now but what can you do 🙂 ). So its currently at its lowest point of the past 52 weeks (58.10 – 72.95) with a P/E of slightly above 21. The company has been paying dividends for about 117 years and has been increasing them for over 13 years. With a dividend yield of 3,33% and a payout ratio of 62,5% this seems to be a nice income generator for the coming years.

This buy will add $ 0,48 * 4 * 5 = $ 9,60 minus 15% withholding tax = $ 8,16 -> € 7,66 to my annual dividends total.

So next time I enjoy one of my favourite snack combinations of Bugles & goatcheese (Chavroux) I will be extra satisfied knowing I have supported my own dividend!

So what are you going to buy?

6 thoughts on “This is my buy for April 2017

  1. GIS is a great company with a long track record of paying dividends. They are currently in a transition period which seems to turn a lot of people off to the stock. I will gladly buy more GIS if I see it as my best opportunity at the time. I think over the long term you will be very pleased with this stock. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I’ve been playing with GIS too. I sold 2 put options with a different price. Objective is that one is exercised, and the other one is not. This way the average cost goes down.

    Even better news: The P/E is around 19. Actually the EPS should come in around $3,01 for the last 4 quarters so I would say it is even a better buy :).

    Bugles will never have tasten so good 😉


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